Fabletics is emerging as an Authority in the Fashion E-commerce Market

Fabletics has put on a spirited fight and has succeeded in cementing its authority in the global fashion e-commerce world. Under the thoughtful guidance of Kate Hudson, the fashion heavyweight is in the process of outsmarting established companies in the fashion sector. New firms have found it challenging to infiltrate the e-commerce market, 20 percent of which is controlled by Amazon. However, Hudson’s Fabletics has been undergoing exponential expansion and has reported a $250 million progression in less than five years.


Why Fabletics is excelling in the e-commerce market


Fabletics has cultivated fantastic conditions for the growth of the activewear movement. The company has put in place a reliable subscription mechanism that allows it to match clients with their preferred workout gear. This brand has thrived due to its convenience, membership, and inspiring nature. In 2017, the company will start new physical stores to add to the sixteen, which are currently operational in California, Illinois, Florida, and Hawaii.


Reverse showrooming


Many fashion brands have failed to capitalize on showrooming. Their main challenge has been to turn offline browsers into paying customers. Fabletics has managed to reverse the model and use it to its advantage. Rather than a negative, the fashion brand has converted offline browsing into something positive. Reverse showrooming allows Fabletics to nurture relationships, build a reputation, and gain a perfect mastery of the local markets. Between 30 and 50 percent of individuals who visit Fabletics’ physical stores are members and close to 25 percent subscribe as members while in store.




Fabletics is a renowned member-based subscription online stores that sell unique fitness apparel. The firm designs its outfits to take its clients from the fitness room to real life. It excels in designing and selling cute workout outfits that meet the fashion desires of every woman. Fabletics members exist in two specific categories: VIP and regular members.

Regular members can register using their email addresses plus a password at a zero cost. They can go on to shop for workout outfit at regular prices that are somewhat expensive. On the other hand, VIP members enjoy deals on the workout gear and free shipping, but they will pay a monthly charge of $45.95. VIP members save nearly 50 percent off the regular cost. They also acquire points on the free loyalty gears. Despite selling its outfits at a relatively lower price, Fabletics has succeeded in maintaining quality at a higher level.

A Look At Adam Goldenberg And His Career

Who Is Adam Goldenberg?

Adam Goldenberg is a Los Angeles based entrepreneur, inventor and internet marketing guru. Mr. Goldberg created his very first company while he was only 16 years old. This was Gamer’s Alliance Inc., which was a network of gaming sites powered by advertisements. Gamer’s Alliance Inc. was formed in 1997 and acquired by Intermix Media in 1999. Intermix was the parent company that owned Myspace at the time.

At age 18, when Intermix acquired Gamer’s Alliance Inc., Adam Goldenberg became the VP of strategic planning at the firm. In two more years, he became the chief operating officer. Adam Goldenberg was the youngest chief operating officer to serve in a company that was publicly traded on the stock market on Twitter. Intermix Media was eventually acquired by the media conglomerate company, News Corp for over half a billion dollars in 2005. Adam Goldenberg ended up leaving the company to start a new venture instead.

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The new venture that Adam Goldenberg co-founded along with Don Ressler was called Intelligent Beauty. Its name refers to the fact that the best and brightest minds should come together to create beautiful or great products and businesses. Intelligent Beauty was built to be a brand building business on cnbc.com. Companies that Intelligent Beauty has created include JustFab with Kate Hudson.

Adam Goldenberg serves as a CEO of JustFab alongside Don Ressler, who is his business partner. JustFab is the parent company of the popular online subscription based online store known as Fabletics. It is also the parent company of Shoe Dazzle and Personal Retailing Inc. Recently, Goldenberg, Ressler and Hudson have renamed JustFab to TechStyle Fashion Group at http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=1477272&privcapId=37181322. Adam Goldenberg continues to lead online marketing, sales and e-commerce platform development at TechStyle Fashion Group. The company is based in El Segunda, California and has millions of monthly subscribers in the USA and abroad.