A rave review for NewsWatch TV

The marketing director for a crowdfunding campaign called Avanca Indiegogo, Natalie van Wijkvliet, spoke on how her relationship with NewsWatch TV strengthened the effect of her campaign. She spoke of her experience saying, “we love [NewsWatch], the team is great, the support is good!” When asked about any results she got from working with NewsWatch, she shared, “we used the media of NewsWatch and I think it actually was one of the reasons why the crowdfunding project was successful”. The Avanca Indiegogo campaign reached and exceeded its goal by raising more than 29 times more money than was expected. The company, Avanca, continues to use NewsWatch as a beneficial method of raising money for crowdfunding campaigns.

Newswatch is a television program that promotes technological products using reviews, interviews, and consumer, medical, and government news. Its first program was launched in March of 1990 and focused on financial issues. Throughout the rest of the 1990 year, it expanded to cover a wider variety of topics that interested the general public. Now it involves editorial and paid segments and aims to provide a consumer and entertainment program. NewsWatch provides a platform for companies to promote their brand and get a real audience to which they can market their products.

Since July 2010, NewsWatch has been able to host celebrity guests, including Chris Pratt, Carrie Underwood, and Woody Harrelson, to help companies gain a greater audience. The program itself is hosted by Susan Bridge, Andrew Tropeano, and Michelle Ison, who each discuss products and reviews as well as individual stories. In May 2012, NewsWatch added AppWatch, a segment which provided reviews for new, unheard of, upcoming apps. NewsWatch TV has also won numerous awards, including a Gold and Platinum 2017 Marcom Award in addition to the national 2017 Videographer Award for excellence in their program. The program was also a recipient of a 2016 Silver Telly Award.