Anthony Constantinou – Pushing AI Studies To The Next Level


Anthony Constantinou is leading the way with respect to studies in artificial intelligence. His research interests focus on Bayesian Artificial Intelligence for casual discovery. It also addresses the act of intelligent decision making where uncertainly is a factor. His research applies to a broad range of areas that include, but are not limited to, sports, medicine, gaming, finance, and economics. Constantinou also collaborates with organizations across the world.


His resume includes lecturer and Assistant Professor in machine learning and data mining. He governs operations at the Bayesian Artificial Intelligence Research Lab. Anthony Constantinou also works with the Queen Mary University in London. Queen Mary University is a public university that engages in research.


Bayesian Networks is a model representing variable sets and how they react with respect to a directed acylic graph. Anthony Constantinou’s areas of research include knowledge engineering, probability, uncertainty quantification, decision sciences, statistics, risk analytics, and causality. Visit This Page to learn more.


AI is a much broader field than most people would think. It is far more than just robots and machines. AI is present in everything from stocks and trading to setting the price of homes. Industries also use it for language translations, entertainment predictions, and fraud detection. The three major uses for AI now include data collection and analysis, processing speeds for supercomputers, and computer science and math applications that help machines learn.


Anthony Constantinou’s work is helping the world to advance. He is one of those people, unknown by millions, who is helping to shape how the world works.


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