EOS Takes Lip Care to a Whole Other Level

In a meteoric rise to fame, the Evolution of Smooth company became a powerful lip balm company. The round shaped lip balm pods became a staple beauty product for makeup artists, celebrities, and everyday people. A meteoric rise of lip balm is odd because the product is largely monopolized and was long viewed as perfected. EOS founders decided to look at further ways to improve lip balm, and their decisions helped them make their products take off.

Lip balm is a handy product. It’s what we use to keep our lips from becoming too cracked or uncomfortably dry. Most people use lip balm. The weakness of the product is that it is viewed in a somewhat clinical sense. Some people view selecting a lip balm to be as dull as selecting cold medicine and cough drops when they are feeling ill.

The issue with lip balm shopping experiences being dull was something the EOS founders took into account while planning their lip balm. The company decided they had to make their lip balm more exciting than something rather clinical. EOS embraced the challenge and brainstormed new ingredients, new product design, and advertisements that would entice millennials.

According to evolutionofsmooth.com, the new ingredients for the EOS lip balm was selected to reflect what consumers want to see in their products. The focus on ingredients from consumers nowadays is because of a desire to select more natural leaning products. EOS embraced this by selecting natural and organic ingredients to go into their lip balm.

The new product design EOS lip balm wanted was something fresh and new to the eye. They wanted consumers to be enthralled by the product’s container. They went through a few different designs until they settled on the round pod shape. They selected different colored pods to reflect the different natural and tropical scents of the lip balms.

The last step to making their company a success was to embrace modern advertising. EOS realized the importance of using internet based ads, social media, and to approach celebrities with their products. This strategy helped them to reach a wider range of consumers and it made their sales take off.

EOS is now the second top selling lip balm business in the United States. They are second only to Burt’s Bees. Burt’s Bees also sell a unique and natural ingredients based lip balm product. The Evolution of Smooth are now a company worth $250 million. They are sure to continue being a dominate lip balm company in the future.

EOS products are available online at the evolutionofsmooth.com website and via Ulta.com. Try ’em today!