Jacob Gottlieb Adds Stake in Altium

Jacob Gottlieb is a successful venture capitalist in the healthcare industry. Throughout his career, Jacob has made bold investments in the sector.

He recently founded a company called Altium Capital. Altium has an ownership stake in numerous companies. For example, the company holds a 5.61% stake in Amarin. Amarin is a pharmaceutical company based in Dublin, Ireland. The company has experienced a rapid growth rate in recent years. Many industry analysts expect that the pharmaceutical industry will experience rapid growth for the foreseeable future.

Jacob’s Early Career

Jacob Gottlieb has enjoyed resounding career success from an early age. After graduating from college, he decided to start working in the investment industry. He graduated with a degree in economics from Brown University. He also graduated from New York University with a medical degree.

After spending some time in the medical field, he decided to pursue the financial side of the industry. He earned a CFA designation and started working with an investment firm.

Founding Altium

After spending many years as an investment banker, Jacob wanted more control over his schedule. Working at a hedge fund was taking a massive toll on his health. He decided to invest millions of dollars in establishing Altium Capital. The decision was a significant financial risk, but he was confident he could succeed. His first few investments were a resounding success, and the capital started pouring in from other investors.

Investing Philosophy

Jacob has a unique investing philosophy. Instead of spreading out his investments, he looks for a few investment opportunities each year. He is not afraid to invest in a company that other people have forgotten about. There are numerous examples of Jacob making millions of dollars on a single transaction. He can earn massive financial returns because he takes significant risks with his investments.

Malcolm Caselle’s new venture aims at enhancing security and trustworthiness in online transactions

For the past few years, virtual reality has been a trending topic in the field of science and technology. The virtual reality gaming industry has gained a substantial market share, and it is still growing at a high rate. Initially, Virtual reality gaming seemed like a farfetched idea, but with the recent developments, we can all agree that virtual gaming is the next “big thing.”

The growth of virtual gaming industry has stimulated the growth of many other sectors within the industry. The virtual game gear is one of the sectors that have grown immensely over the last few years. The virtual game gear industry is now worth more than 50 billion dollars. It comprises of platforms where gamers exchange weapon skins, one of the most valuable assets for online gamers. These platforms have proliferated over the last few years.

The establishment of these platforms has also attracted a lot of cyber attacks from people who exploit the vulnerability of these systems to steal from clients. Malcolm CasSelle, a renowned web developer, caught wind of this and came with a solution to protect online gamers from cyber attacks.

Malcolm CasSelle launched WAX, a decentralized exchange platform for virtual game gear. The new platform by Malcolm features the same development team as OPSKins. Malcolm developed WAX to make online trading secure and trustworthy. The gaming industry has grown immensely over the last few decades, with an estimated 400 million users from across the globe.

About Malcolm CasSelle

Malcolm CasSelle is a revered entrepreneur who has contributed immensely to the gaming industry. He is the current CIO of OPSKins and the president of Worldwide Asset eXchage (WAX). Before establishing WAX, Malcolm served as the president and CTO of New Ventures to Tribune publishing that later rebranded to tronc, Inc.

Malcolm has served in several other senior positions including the General Manager and Vice President at SeaChange International and Timeline Labs where he served as the CEO. Throughout his career, Malcolm has launched numerous startups such as Xfire, MediaPass, and Groupon. He was also among early investors in companies such as Zynga, Facebook and most of the emerging bitcoin-related companies.

Business Expert Flavio Maluf On Brazil’s Weakening Agriculture Sector

Brazilian business leader Flavio Maluf, president of the successful Eucatex firm, sees a weakening on the horizon for Brazil’s agriculture sector. This comes, despite the Brazilian economy, Latin America’s largest, showing a 1.2% growth rate in the first quarter, year on year. Maluf has drilled down into those numbers and beneath the good overall showing, the agriculture economy has taken a hit. Numbers show growth is down in this all-important sector by 2.6% in the first quarter, over the prior year.

Flavio Maluf, an expert in Brazilian business and economic matters, is fearful that the second quarter will see similar results due to a 10-day truckers’ strike in May that all but brought the movement of farm products to a standstill. With 19% of Brazil’s sugarcane crop and 33% of the corn and maize crop due for harvest during the 2nd quarter, the lack of available transport has prevented circulation of these key resources into the greater economy. View Maluf’s profile on linkedin.

Coffee, an important component within the entire Brazilian export economy has also suffered considerably. Flavio Maluf was quick to point out that over 60% of the coffee crop was harvested in the second quarter but was stuck on farms, unable to reach ports for export.

The repercussions of these stoppages will have a trickle-down effect on the rest of the agriculture industry, creating something akin to the perfect storm.Maluf notes that without these harvested goods, the livestock populations that rely on them for food, corn in particular, will suffer and decline as well.

Despite his concerns, Flavio Maluf has turned his expert eyes and business acumen to brighter spots in Brazil’s agriculture sector. Soybeans experienced a bumper crop in the first quarter when 61% of the crop is harvested, bringing in a record crop for Brazil’s beleaguered farmers. Maluf cautions anyone to be too worried by these numbers, noting that 2017 was a record year for Brazilian agriculture and 2018 could never have been expected to meet those expectations.

Learn more: https://www.mundodomarketing.com.br/noticias-corporativas/conteudo/108970/conheca-com-flavio-maluf-algumas-dicas-para-administrar-uma-empresa-familiar


Stream Energy

Stream Energy is a company that provides energy and wireless services for homes. It is based in Texas and Pennsylvania among other cities, but its services are available countrywide. It has featured as a corporate that being involved in different philanthropic activities. This has positively influenced the company’s brand and earned it the respect of loyal clients and the community at large.

Philanthropic Activities

Stream Energy has been giving back to the society for years, through Stream Care Foundation, they have now formalized their charity and philanthropy. As a company, they reflect just how generous and charity oriented corporate America is.

  • Hurricane Harvey

Stream Energy was there to help affected families when the Hurricane Harvey floods rendered many people homeless and stranded. They used the profits from their direct sales to offer a helping hand. They worked for hand in hand with Hope CO to ensure that all victims were taken care of. With donations from associates and their selfless giving, they were able to show generosity and be there for these victims at their moment of need. Stream Energy built working relationships with Habitat for Humanity and Red Cross to ensure seamless coordination of funds collection and distribution.

  • Texas Tornado in 2016

In 2016, Stream Energy was also there to aid victims of the Tornado that hit families in Texas in December. They worked for hand in hand with the Salvation Army to ensure that funds raised, and donations from associates are used to benefit victims. Through Operation Once in a Lifetime, it ensured that they did not only offer assistance but also ensured that their presence was felt. They provided transportation for the Veterans so that they could spend time with family members seeing as it was Christmas.


Stream Energy is passionate about changing the lives of the less fortunate, specifically homeless families. They have a system where they track down homeless families and provide them with necessities.



Impressionable Facts about Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi is the founder and CIO of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. The firm is a hedge management one and it was founded in 2009 with an aim of correcting myths about stocks and overhyped shorts in the market. Sahm has achieved major successes through the firm and h recently gave a negative report regarding the firm’s short position at St Joe Company in New York City. In his advocations, Sahm insists that the firm which looks forward to transforming a vast area of the desolate area near Panama may fail to do so as its land holdings are overhyped and only worth a fraction of the value of the company.

According to his research, Sahm Adrangi also noted that many firms had lost hope in the services that St Joe Company offers. Sahm has seen the Kerrisdale capital firm grow tremendously since its establishment. He founded the firm with $1million and over the years, the firm has managed over $150 million. Through the various research that Sahm Adrangi conducts, he has helped many companies from bankruptcy by offering them guidance on the best opportunities to invest in as well as those that they ought to ignore. His advocations have seen him receive a lot of accreditation from a significant number of I individuals in the United States, most of who are happy for his ability to help them choose their business partners wisely.

Additionally, Sahm Adrangi has also shown a great interest towards the use of the modern technology in his endeavors, and he shares his thoughts concerning investments through his website, twitter as well as third-party business related sites. He made a great reputation for himself after managing to expose the fraudulent proceedings of the Chinese Company, Marine Food Group and he has over the recent years played a major role in helping firms choose their business counterparts wisely.

Through the Kerrisdale Capital firm, Sahm Adrangi has strived to bring developments by focusing on a specific area like the biotechnology sector. The renowned investor seeks to bring a change in the business world in the coming years and his advocations have been received with a lot of enthusiasms.


Shafik Sachedina- Co-Founder Of Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is a company in the United Kingdom which offers services to the elderly and other people in need of specialized care. The company has been in operations for the last two decades, operating facilities in Southern Coast of England.

Sussex healthcare is the creation of two entrepreneurs, Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani. Shafik Sachedina has a background in medical studies as dental surgeon while his partner in the industry Shiraz Boghani is an experienced entrepreneur in the hospitality industry. These two combined their diverse experiences in business to create Sussex Healthcare, an award-winning care company. It is the biggest and the most popular care company in the United Kingdom.

Sussex Healthcare opened its first center in 1985. Today, the company operates 20 facilities in the country. Some of the facilities include a state of the art gym, full care residential houses and a daycare facility. The company offers diverse services to its clients who not only include old people who have dementia but even young people who suffer from neurological problems and learning disabilities. In Sussex Healthcare facilities, almost all patients are welcome, including those who need extensive care and those who need limited care.

Sussex Healthcare has a team of professionals who care about the patients in their facilities. They have skilled and trained support staff. The staff in their facilities are all about taking care of their patients with utmost care. Sussex Healthcare believes that all people deserve equal treatment. Even the physically and mentally handicapped need to be given good treatment by getting access to social and recreational services. In Sussex, it is not just about physical health, it is about an all-around healthcare approach. Some skilled chefs will prepare highly nutritious meals for the residents who have special dietary needs

Read more: Dr. Shafik Sachedina owner and Chairperson of Sussex Health Care

Shafik Sachedina

Shafik Sachedina was born in Tanzania. He moved to England where he pursued medical education in dentistry. He attended Guy’s Hospital Dental School at the University of London. He later embarked on dental surgery as his field of specialization.

Shafik Sachedina is an active member of the Ismaili Community. He is the head of Jamati Institutions. He also serves under the His Highness the Aga Khan Secretariat. Previously he was the president of the Ismaili Council in the United Kingdom. His work through Sussex Healthcare has earned him several awards for supporting charitable causes. He at one point served in the FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International Coordinating Committee among other organizations.

The Detailed Career Life of Louis Chenevert

There is nothing as inspiring as the success story of an investor. This is because although many people have been trying, few seem to get their way out in the field. The chronicles of the pioneers make it easy to join the puzzles of the career journey. Louis Chenevert is a good example, whose ways in business have been proved very effective.

Louis Chenevert is the former Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). The legacy that he left in the conglomerate has led to everyone reading about him. It was such a surprise when Louis Chenevert decided to quit his job because the firm was doing so well. It is crucial to note that he never resigned from his job due to any scandals, misunderstandings or failures. He wanted to have time with his family away from the corporate world. It would also be a perfect time to pursue his personal goals.

Louis Chenevert led to the prominence of UTC by encouraging them and guiding them to invest in the future. He believed that it was the best strategy to protect the economy of the USA from any recession periods. He also made very helpful acquisitions for the firm. The GTF engine, for example, that he purchased from his former employer is currently being used by more than 14 airlines. It cost the firm $10 billion and 20 years to design, but the firm does not have any regrets.

Louis brings his ideas to life by employing an able team. He says that he always works to see that the expectations of his customers are exceeded. He achieves this by intensely reviewing the plans he needs to evaluate. He concentrates on small teams and great leadership to see the ideas come to reality.

There are very many factors that make Louis a successful investor. He says it is hard to point out one trait that contributes to his success. Louis says that he stays focused on the matters that help in accomplishing the goals he has set. He also stays optimistic when implementing his work. He also focuses on the productive individuals who are ready to work for the good of the firm.


Louis Chenevert and Peerless Leadership Talents

United Technologies Corporation is a business that knows all about exemplary leaders. Louis Chenevert in the past was the business’ Chief Executive Officer. People simply cannot forget all of the great things he did for the company, either. Gregory Hayes is the name of United Technologies Corporation’s latest Chief Executive Officer. He makes a point to continue Chenevert tradition of strong work. He tells the people who work with him all the time about the value of company heads. He tells them that these leaders need to work as rocks of sorts. They need to try to improve companies in substantial ways. If a Chief Executive Officer exits a business for any reason, he or she should ensure that major improvements were made.

Company Chief Executive Officers have to provide tangible outcomes. They need to concentrate on brief spans of time. They need to concentrate on much lengthier ones as well. United Technologies Corporation is a firm that believes in employee investments. It’s one that believes in technological investments, too. The people who work for United Technologies Corporation are aware of the fact that present choices influence later outcomes in considerable ways.

Louis Chenevert homeland is the North American nation of Canada. The distinguished businessman was born in the Great White North in Montreal, Quebec at some point in 1958. Although he hails from Canada, he now lives in the United States in Hartford, Connecticut. Hartford is relatively close to New York, New York. Chenevert studied at the University of Montreal’s HEC Montreal. This is a noted business school that gave him a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) degree. He graduated in 1979.

Chenevert is equipped with a strong employment background. He was a reliable General Motors team member for close to 15 years. He worked his way up to general production manager status, too. He made the decision to leave General Motors in the early nineties. He got a job with Pratt & Whitney Canada at that time. He scored a gig as Pratt & Whitney’s trusted President in 1999. He began work with United Technologies Corporation in 2006.

Jacob Gottlieb, Visium CIO

Jacob Gottlieb was born in Brooklyn, New York City. Gottlieb’s parents immigrated to the U.S from Poland. Jacob’s dad is an economist who lectures at the City University of New York, and his mother is a practices medicine. Maybe, that’s why Jacob is attracted to medicine and finance. Jacob Gottlieb made his first transactions in baseball cards while in seventh grade where he won a stock-picking competition at school. His father opened up a trading account for him. Jacob and his buddy began selling refreshments to golfers at the area golf club.

Jacob Gottlieb graduated from Brown University with a BA in economics. He later joined New York University and graduated with a medical degree. Jacob proceeded to take an internship in internal medicine at St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York. He became more attracted to finance, and that pressured him to look for a job. He got his first job at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. He was positioned as a buy-side specialist dealing with universal health care. Jacob compares fund managing and being a surgeon in that both careers involve risk-taking.

Jacob later started working as a healthcare collection manager at New York hedge finance firm called Merlin Biomed Group. While working at Merlin Biomed Group, Jacob was recommended to work as a healthcare trader at a newly started firm in Jericho managed by Dmitry Balyasny. The following year, Mr. Balyasny left the firm to begin his Balyasny Asset Management hedge firm in Chicago. He hired Jacob Gottlieb who succeeded in building up his group and character. Mr. Jacob and his team left and founded Visium. Jacob’s employed his investing strategy comprising of profound emphasis on research with vigor in reviewing for security assortment.

Jacob Gottlieb Leads Visium Wind Down

The healthcare investment experts of Visium rely on a home-based system of industry links, advisers, medics, and experts to collect information. Investors recommend Jacob’s creativity in decision making and derivatization that he employs in an investment.

Jacob joined with some other talented portfolio managers and changed Visium into a multistrategy fund manager. The merged managers wanted to do the right things, and therefore they started by investigating the weaknesses and strengths of the multistrategy model referencing the industry’s worst and best practice


Work Free From Stress and Pain: See How on NewsWatchTV Review

How many hours are you experiencing neck and back pain at work?

When was the last time you checked Network TV reviews for solutions to this problem?

The power of influence from a trusted source such as NetWork TV inspires people to take action. Through a custom review, Contour Design achieved their objective of reaching a wider U.S. audience interested in healthy work environments.

Moreover, they gave the credit for this achievement to the quality of the work done for them by NetWork TV.

Contour Design specializes in ergonomic research and design of computer input devices because they care about improving the lives of people who experience undue pain and stress at their workstations.

Furthermore, Contour Design’s goal is worker safety as the cornerstone for maximum production at any workstation. Thus, human physiology is at the forefront of everything they create.

In addition, it is the ambition of this company to continue to liberate the word about their products because they know that their creations, like RollerMouse Red and RollerMouse Free3, are making remarkable improvements in workstation satisfaction. In fact, “an independent study showed that RollerMouse Red can lead up to a 19% increase in productivity.”

It is remarkable to note that Contour Design’s signature RollerMouse Red and its companion Balanced Keyboard, ArmSupport, and Ergo Keyboard Matt are a sensational solution saving people who use them from burn out—the most common reason for lost production and revenue.

With that in mind, when you hire NewsWatchTV to produce a review on an innovative, product like RollerMouse Red—as a result, you get your product in front of more than 96 million households nationwide. That is what we call influence!