The Interesting And Informative New Program By The U.S. Money Reserve

The U.S. Money Reserve is one of the biggest private distributors of United States and foreign issue platinum, silver and gold legal tender products. They are currently launching a new television program called 2016 Gold Summit. The show is 28 minutes and takes place in Los Angeles, California at the 2016 Gold Summit. Larry King will be the moderator for the program.

Ronald Regan’s oldest son, Michael Reagan will also be included in the program. He appears early in the program and explains his fathers belief that all American citizens have the right to own gold. A trio of panelists from the U.S. Money Reserve then speak and discuss the benefits of U.S. government gold ownership. They talk about the purchasing power of the dollar, the volatility currently in the financial market and how recent events have had an effect on the gold bull market.

The panel is compromised of three extremely credible sources. Brad Castillo was formerly the Vice President in the field of sales for the U.S. Money Reserve. Philip Diehl is the Chairman for the Industry Council for Tangible Assets and the U.S. Money Reserves President. John Rothans works for the U.S. Money Reserve as the Master Numismatist.

The 2016 Gold Summit Show reveals the talent and hard work of the team responsible for the award-winning production. The U.S. Money Reserve feels honored that Larry King has agreed to be the moderator.

They have a long relationship Michael Reagan and when this is combined with Michael’s personal relationship with Larry King the result is a unique program involving two living legends.

The U.S. Money Reserve was founded in 2001. In the time since they have grown to be one of the biggest providers in their field throughout the world. Their clients total the hundreds of thousands and are scattered throughout the country. They rely on the U.S. Money Reserve for diversification of their assets through precious metals usually in U.S. silver and gold coins.

According to Bloomberg, the U.S. Money Reserve has a unique and highly skilled team. Their coin researchers and numismatic professionals are well trained and their knowledge of the market is excellent. They locate products offering the highest potential for profit.

The U.S. Money Reserve exceeds the standards of the industry and provides their customers with superior service.

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