Herbalife and Activewear Design

Activewear Design Challenge


Herbalife is beginning a new school year with a challenge to the Advanced Study Program of the Fashion Institute of Design. The problem is to design activewear for Herbalife distributors. All of the institute students will form teams to develop a line of clothing for Herbalife. The unique styles the student’s design need to fit a healthy and active lifestyle. Later in the year, the institute’s students will present their designs to Herbalife Nutrition and the faculty members of the institute. Finally, in a chance for each side to show their best-merchandising efforts, they will be asked to design a plan in which they demonstrate how they would showcase their fashions designs in a retail setting for sale.

The institute is known as one of the most excellent globally, and it shares many of the same qualities of excellence and innovation as Herbalife. Herbalife desires, in this challenge, to communicate and interact with the next generation of creative designers. Only fifteen students were chosen to participate in the unique program to design new styles for the Herbalife team members. The program will continue thru 2019.


Herbalife Beginnings


The company called Herbalife Nutrition is a global brand. The purpose of Herbalife is to make the world a healthier and happier place to live. The Herbalife company began in 1980 and had served millions of satisfied customers since opening its doors to distribute its healthcare products. Herbalife seeks to rid the world of specific health problems as obesity, poor nutrition, and the growing problem of an aging world population. Herbalife products endure a rigorous inspection before going into the market for sale.


Distribution of Products


Herbalife experts train Herbalife distributors in Herbalife centers around the world. Herbalife’s many products seek to help target people who need a more nutritious life or are finding an improved source of energy, fitness, and personal care in their life. Herbalife is represented in 90 countries today. In every place of distribution, Herbalife offers the same high-quality of healthcare products. Herbalife trains its distributors in best practices of business and merchandising. Every member of the sales force of Herbalife plays an important role in creating the brand of Herbalife since they are the first people customers meet who are interested in purchasing Herbalife products.





Fabletics is emerging as an Authority in the Fashion E-commerce Market

Fabletics has put on a spirited fight and has succeeded in cementing its authority in the global fashion e-commerce world. Under the thoughtful guidance of Kate Hudson, the fashion heavyweight is in the process of outsmarting established companies in the fashion sector. New firms have found it challenging to infiltrate the e-commerce market, 20 percent of which is controlled by Amazon. However, Hudson’s Fabletics has been undergoing exponential expansion and has reported a $250 million progression in less than five years.


Why Fabletics is excelling in the e-commerce market


Fabletics has cultivated fantastic conditions for the growth of the activewear movement. The company has put in place a reliable subscription mechanism that allows it to match clients with their preferred workout gear. This brand has thrived due to its convenience, membership, and inspiring nature. In 2017, the company will start new physical stores to add to the sixteen, which are currently operational in California, Illinois, Florida, and Hawaii.


Reverse showrooming


Many fashion brands have failed to capitalize on showrooming. Their main challenge has been to turn offline browsers into paying customers. Fabletics has managed to reverse the model and use it to its advantage. Rather than a negative, the fashion brand has converted offline browsing into something positive. Reverse showrooming allows Fabletics to nurture relationships, build a reputation, and gain a perfect mastery of the local markets. Between 30 and 50 percent of individuals who visit Fabletics’ physical stores are members and close to 25 percent subscribe as members while in store.




Fabletics is a renowned member-based subscription online stores that sell unique fitness apparel. The firm designs its outfits to take its clients from the fitness room to real life. It excels in designing and selling cute workout outfits that meet the fashion desires of every woman. Fabletics members exist in two specific categories: VIP and regular members.

Regular members can register using their email addresses plus a password at a zero cost. They can go on to shop for workout outfit at regular prices that are somewhat expensive. On the other hand, VIP members enjoy deals on the workout gear and free shipping, but they will pay a monthly charge of $45.95. VIP members save nearly 50 percent off the regular cost. They also acquire points on the free loyalty gears. Despite selling its outfits at a relatively lower price, Fabletics has succeeded in maintaining quality at a higher level.