Marc Beer Renovia contribution to the health department

Renovia firm has a strategy to take a step ahead with different goods for pelvic floor disorders. This is after they sealed a $32 million Series B round together with a $10 million in a business debt. The firm is located in Boston, where it is improving numerous diagnostic and therapeutic goods to cure pelvic disorders.


Marc Beer Renovia’s firm launched its new commodity, Leva, which was permitted and authorized by the FDA. Longwood Fund is a healthy investment company that invested in Renovia to link up with the Series B round. The funds will head to improvement and testing extra therapy commodity comprising a new generation of the Leva equipment. He was able to graduate with a B.S. from Miami University.


Merging creative types of machinery with advanced health mechanism will provide customers with important data to make them aware of the new treatment preferences. It will also be able to add more knowledge and comprehension of pelvic disorders and reduce health costs. Through this partnership, the two will be able to share their ideas to improve the cure and the lives of numerous females affected by the disease. Marc Beer Renovia came up with this idea since it could reduce congestion of the ill in the healthcare institutions.


Marc Beer Renovia had a role of a strategic consultant in OvaScience. Through this position, he was able to assist the firm in making appropriate strategies to improve the firm. Renovia is the initial business that he took into perspective from 2015. He has also had 25 years of experience in improving commercialization in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and diagnostics. Furthermore, he is a skillful practitioner in that health expertise. He built Renovia together with Ramon and Yolanda in 2016. It positively sealed an agreement with a prominent financial institution in health funds.


During April 200, Marc Beer Renovia became the top management executive at ViaCell. This is a biotechnology firm that focuses on the collection, and advancement of umbilical cord stem cells. Through his leadership, the production of the firm grew spontaneously leading to more employment of more than 300 staff members. Later, the company was able to be recognized publicly in 2015. When still serving at ViaCell, he also functioned as a member of a board of directors of Erytech Pharma.


This is a biopharmaceutical firm which was transacted publicly. Besides that, he was able to hold different occupations with Genzyme. Lately, he served as the Vice President of Global Marketing. In this role, Mark Beer Renovia was in charge of the commodities that treated several illnesses internationally. He made sure they were distributed effectively, and preservations were handled in a professional way. In the business industry, he has been able to serve in numerous positions of sales and marketing at Abbott Laboratories. Learn more:


Fantastic Coins For A Fantastic Collection Through U.S. Money Reserve

Collecting coins is a hobby that is enjoyed by thousands of people around the world. Coin collecting provides individuals an opportunity to search for rare or unique objects. It also provides many people with an opportunity to invest in their future.

The U.S. Reserve is one popular source of hundreds of unique and rare coins that are available for purchase. This company is a separate entity from the U.S. Mint. However, The U.S. Mint backs all the coins that are sold through the company. In fact, the current president of the U.S. Money Reserve is a former director of the U.S. Mint.

Recently, PRNewswire released an article on the latest coin that has been released by the U.S. Money Reserve. This coin is the first in a new series of coins to promote the latest magical series that was created by J.K. Rowling. The article described the coin’s appearance and also talked briefly about the movie, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.” Read more: U.S. Money Reserve Team Attends the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation’s Lone Sailor Awards Dinner in Washington, D.C.
This fantastic coin is one ounce silver coin that is black in appearance. The coin was made in Germany by the BH Meyer company. There were only 10,000 of these commemorative coins produced. They are currently on sale through U.S. Money Reserve, who is the only distributor.

The U.S. Money Reserve company was founded in 2002. In the last 16 years, the company has helped thousands of satisfied customers purchase millions of dollars worth of coins, bullion, gold bars, and other precious items. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

The company offers its’ customers a buy back guarantee and ships all merchandise through fast and insured methods. They also offer their customers around the clock access to its’ inventory and customer service representatives. Its’ headquarters is located in Austin, Texas.

Philip Diehl, Coy Wells, Angela Koch, Patrick Brunson, and John Rothans make up the leading team of this highly successful company. These individuals, along with the many employees of the company, were also recently spotlighted in the annual AdSphere Awards.

This awards banquet is presented by DRMetris every year and highlights company’s that directly market their prospective clients. This year, U.S. Reserve won the awards for “Short Form Products” and “Infomercials.” This was the second year in a row that they won these particular awards.

U.S. Reserve offers customers a unique and fun way to invest in the future. The “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” commemorative coins are just one example of many exciting and unique opportunities available.

Shervin Pishevar Notes That Silicon Valley Has Lost Its Competitive Edge

Silicon Valley is known as a hub for tech innovations. It is actually home to some of the world-renowned tech companies. Shervin Pishevar stormed Twitter on February 2018 with a series of tweets, and one of his main subjects was tech innovations in Silicon Valley. Shervin was not shy to mention that Silicon Valley is gradually losing its competitive edge. One of the major reasons that Pishevar could not avoid mentioning California is the fact that he is an angel investor in some of the tech companies in the area. He is one of the individuals that have contributed to the growth of Silicon Valley to reach its current standings.

Shervin Pishevar said that there is a change in the tech industry, and individuals from different countries are now able to come up with comparable innovations. He tweeted that, “A tectonic shift has been brewing as Silicon Valley has lost some of its competitive edge against competing zones of innovation.” He mentioned that entrepreneurship is global and it is not restricted to one area (Silicon Valley). This is one of the major causes for the lost competitive advantage.

Shervin Pishevar, in another tweet, wrote that “As I’ve said before Silicon Valley is no longer a physical place but an idea that’s gone viral. Entrepreneurship is a movement. Borderless.” There is a lot of talent out there, and the only way that California could retain its competitive edge is by tapping immigrant talent. In this regard, Pishevar tweeted that, “But while we build walls physical and culture to keep out immigrant talent that talent doesn’t need to come here anymore.”

The tech industry requires a lot of skill, and the U.S. is short of enough workforce. There is a shortage of American-born engineers and tech experts who have graduated from American universities. If America does not embrace talent from outside, Silicon Valley might be left lagging behind, while some of their consumers may shift to tech companies in other countries. Innovation and entrepreneurship should go hand in hand, and Shervin Pishevar believes that it is high time Silicon Valley not only embraced immigrant talent but also sought it.

Why Madison Street Capital Is A Leading Investment Firm

It is no secret that the world of banking and finance is a competitive one. The market is flush with companies who promise to deliver services to clients that will help them implement their strategic plans with regard to their company’s financial future and who claim to have the secret to understanding how a volatile and unpredictable marketplace will respond. While some might approach the world of financial services and investment as though it were an industry based on soothsaying other entities such as Madison Street Capital have gained a reputation for offering measured and thoughtful advice and services that are based on years watching the marketplace and taking strategic and calculated risks within it. What sets Madison Street Capital apart from other competitors in the marketplace is its penchant for approaching a client’s needs as though they were its own.


Madison Street Capital leverages its capable team and its experience working across markets to solve pressing problems for the clients who seek out its services. While many investment management firms might only be focused on the business opportunities that exist in places such as North America and Europe Madison Street Capital has chosen to not only focus on these markets but to look beyond them. While there are many lucrative opportunities that are available to businesses in the North American and European markets there are also many opportunities that can go overlooked in markets that are emerging across the Global South. For instance while economic growth across various markets that are located in the West went down due to the devastating impact of the global financial crisis of 2008, the rate of economic growth on the African continent actually increased. As countries in Africa and Asia develop and see the rise of a growing middle class businesses who are savvy enough to pay attention may find that they can find excellent opportunities to do business there.


Madison Street Capital is based in the United States and also has offices operating in crucial markets across the globe. Madison Street Capital currently has an office in Accra, Ghana which is located in West Africa as well as two offices in the Southeast Asian nation of India with one office being located in West Bengal, India and another office being located in Haryana, India.


In addition to having a reputation for a global focus Madison Street Capital is also known for being an award-winning investment management firm. The company has taken home awards for its work for advising global mergers and acquisitions deals, the services it provides with regard to industrials deals as well as for its status as one of the leading boutique investment firms. According to a recent report Madison Street Capital recently won an award from The M&A Advisor awards in the area of debt financing. The company took home an award for best Debt Financing Deal of the Year at 16th Annual M&A Advisor Awards.


Connect with Madison Street Capital on LinkedIn for more information.

NewsWatch TV Review For Contour Design’s Ergonomic Workstations

NewsWatch TV have worked with numerous large corporate businesses, startups and non-profit organizations over the years to help them gain exposure and success. Contour Design reached out to NewsWatch TV to help them increase exposure online and on television for their newest line of ergonomic ultimate workstations. This innovative product was designed to promote comfort to those that work around computers throughout their work day. Contour Design’s product marketing manager, Bret Hudson, stated that NewsWatch’s marketing campaign allowed their ergonomic workstation to dramatically spike in retail sales. NewsWatch TV’s promotional review segment for Contour Design was aired to over 95 million households in America and viewed in more than 200 U.S. Markets. Their online campaign received a total of 697,924 online impressions.


NewsWatch TV is an award winning American television show that features all of the latest tech related news, consumer electronic reviews and entertainment stories. The 30-minute show airs on ION Television and the AMC Network, it stars Andrew Tropeano as the main host and co-host Susan Bridges. NewsWatch TV also features special tech reports from Amanda Forstrom and Eric Forrest. The show is not owned by any networks and became one of the most successful independently produced news magazines on television.


Based in the Washignton, D.C., area, NewsWatch TV draws in over 96 million viewers each week and is seen in more than 200 U.S. Markets. The show’s first air date was during the start of the 90’s and it used to air monthly only featuring financial news. It since expanded to include more topics of interest to the general public. In 2012, the series started featuring AppWatch, an app review segment that showcases all of the latest mobile apps for every smart device. NewsWatch TV have interviewed many celebrities including Denzel Washington, Jennifer Lawrence and Mila Kunis.


U.S. Money Reserve Supports Austin Disaster Relief Network

Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN) is a nonprofit institution that offers various services to help survivors of disasters to continue living their ordinary lives after the attacks. U.S. Money Reserve will support ADRN’s services to ensure that survivors get immediate assistance such as emergency housing transportation, direct financial aid and emotional and spiritual care. Learn more:


U.S. Money Reserve is in the process of arranging for a relief fund where all the donations will be channeled towards ADRN to fulfill the immediate emergency needs of survivors. U.S. Money Reserve is also encouraging contributions from other people by matching YouCaring contributions contributed to ADRN’s relief fund. Donation matching will take place throughout September to match the fund up to $100,000. U.S. Money Reserve feels like the storm has also affected them strictly because it has hit many of its workers and customers. Besides, the Houston community welcomed the company several years back when it was launched. Therefore, U.S. Money Reserve feels it is time to give back to the Houston community.


Hurricane Harvey was the first significant hurricane to hit the US after the Hurricane Wilma that hit the country in 2005. Hurricane Harvey caused a lot of damages during the four days that it lasted. The enormous rainfall caused catastrophic flooding across Texas, with thousands of people losing their homes and roads turning into rivers. Several residents of Texas were forced to relocate and start from scratch since they did not have time to save their belongings. Unfortunately, the hurricane claimed not less than 82 lives. Nonprofit organizations have been involved in helping victims of the storm as well as civilians who escaped the damages by opening their businesses and homes to assist the less fortunate. Local business owners are donating food and water to victims, and local schools are also offering free meals to children. Learn more:


About U.S. Money Reserve

U.S. Money Reserve has grown over the years since its establishment in 2001. It is one of the leading private distributors of foreign and US government issued silver, gold, and platinum tender products in the world. U.S. Money Reserve was established with the objective of guiding clients about buying precious physical metals. The company offers satisfactory services to its clients for the last 15 years. It has more than 400,000 clients who benefit from its experienced staff members who help in getting the best products in the product through researching.