Penelope Kokkinides and Innovacare Health the Healthiness Provider

The leadership team in InnovaCare is made up of contemporary experts who display an outstanding record of health care services provided. Dr. Rick Shinto who is the sitting chief executive and the president leads this team. He has also been the CEO at MMM healthcare as from 2008. Additionally, he was also the president and chief executive officer at the Aveta Inc. since 2008 until 2012 when it was sold. He has years of experience in both operational and clinical services. Additionally, he earned his BS degree from the University of California while his medical degree was obtained from the University of New York.


On the other hand, Penelope Kokkinides is in charge of the chief administrative officer docket in Innovacare┬áHealth Inc. with more than twenty years of experience on health care services, she majors on Medicare as well as Medicaid programs. She is also a holder of bachelor’s degree in classical languages and Bachelor of Science from Binghamton University. Besides, she has a master’s program, which is an advanced degree in alcohol and substance abuse. Furthermore, she has also masters on public health obtained from Colombia University.


Notably, Penelope Kokkinides was among the eight professional and executive healthcare providers invited by President Donald Trump to discuss issues of healthcare. On her address to the president, she spoke of the need to increase the medical funding in Puerto Rico, which had reduced drastically.


Efforts to improve healthcare in Puerto Rico


Innovacare has always been at the forefront in the provision of quality health care services for all of its members in Puerto Rico. This is attributed to the continuous functions that are offered by this firm, which at times has earned it high ratings. Recently, this unit has expressed close relations with the pharmacy benefit managers. This move is aimed at providing quality health services in Puerto Rico. Furthermore, they also operate lone Medicare plan, which is accredited by the national committee for the quality assurance. Additionally, they also have another recognition that they intend to use to assure their clients of quality health services.


Additionally, besides meeting President Donald Trump, the role of the professional team in this unit cannot be overlooked. This team comprises of experienced and knowledgeable leaders. As such, these resource persons have special and diverge abilities to handle issues uniquely affecting health sector. This includes referrals from various areas of operations where they have worked before.