Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides Make InnovaCare A Healthcare Giant

InnovaCare Health is located at the heart of Puerto Rico. The health care giant is dedicated to providing managed healthcare services. To make health care accessible to all, InnovaCare offers quality Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans to over 200,000 patients. This organization wouldn’t have made it to the top without organized leadership. The management panel has a vast experience in the medical sector. Recently, the healthcare company announced that they will add three others to the management panel to help the company steer the company further.

Richard Shinto, who currently seats as the InnovaCare’s Chief Executive Officer and President, has had a remarkable journey in the medical industry. Shinto started his career as a pulmonologist at California, where he gained experience in the practical medical field. He worked as a Chief Medical Officer at NAMM located in California and later went to Aveta Inc, where he served as Chief Executive Officer until 2012. Over the 20 years in the medical management environment, Shinto gained recognition and was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2012 due to the tremendous growth of InnovaCare Health under his management.

With the steady growth of InnovaCare, there was a need to enhance the management and have three candidates selected. Penelope Kokkinides is one of them. She has an interesting and detailed resume to her name with over two decades in the healthcare sector. She is well-known for her innovative approaches in the health care sector. He has worked with government programs (Medicare and Medicaid) and other related health care firms. Penelope currently serves as the Chief Administrative Office at InnovaCare Health.

Jonathan Meyers was another candidate selected to join the InnovaCare Health leadership panel as the Chief Actuary Officer. Before joining InnovaCare, Jonathan worked as the Director of Actuarial Services for Horizon BCBS, particularly the Medicare and Medicaid section. He boasts of experience and expertise in the actuarial departments of healthcare systems.

Mike Sortino also earned his position at InnovaCare as the Chief Accounting Officer. He is an expert in the insurance and accounting industry with over two decades of experience. Sortino has previously worked for Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance and Houston Casualty Company as a Finance Specialist. All the three of them had proved to be highly skilled and likely to help InnovaCare Health grow into a powerhouse in the health care industry.


Herbalife and Activewear Design

Activewear Design Challenge


Herbalife is beginning a new school year with a challenge to the Advanced Study Program of the Fashion Institute of Design. The problem is to design activewear for Herbalife distributors. All of the institute students will form teams to develop a line of clothing for Herbalife. The unique styles the student’s design need to fit a healthy and active lifestyle. Later in the year, the institute’s students will present their designs to Herbalife Nutrition and the faculty members of the institute. Finally, in a chance for each side to show their best-merchandising efforts, they will be asked to design a plan in which they demonstrate how they would showcase their fashions designs in a retail setting for sale.

The institute is known as one of the most excellent globally, and it shares many of the same qualities of excellence and innovation as Herbalife. Herbalife desires, in this challenge, to communicate and interact with the next generation of creative designers. Only fifteen students were chosen to participate in the unique program to design new styles for the Herbalife team members. The program will continue thru 2019.


Herbalife Beginnings


The company called Herbalife Nutrition is a global brand. The purpose of Herbalife is to make the world a healthier and happier place to live. The Herbalife company began in 1980 and had served millions of satisfied customers since opening its doors to distribute its healthcare products. Herbalife seeks to rid the world of specific health problems as obesity, poor nutrition, and the growing problem of an aging world population. Herbalife products endure a rigorous inspection before going into the market for sale.


Distribution of Products


Herbalife experts train Herbalife distributors in Herbalife centers around the world. Herbalife’s many products seek to help target people who need a more nutritious life or are finding an improved source of energy, fitness, and personal care in their life. Herbalife is represented in 90 countries today. In every place of distribution, Herbalife offers the same high-quality of healthcare products. Herbalife trains its distributors in best practices of business and merchandising. Every member of the sales force of Herbalife plays an important role in creating the brand of Herbalife since they are the first people customers meet who are interested in purchasing Herbalife products.





Penelope Kokkinides and Innovacare Health the Healthiness Provider

The leadership team in InnovaCare is made up of contemporary experts who display an outstanding record of health care services provided. Dr. Rick Shinto who is the sitting chief executive and the president leads this team. He has also been the CEO at MMM healthcare as from 2008. Additionally, he was also the president and chief executive officer at the Aveta Inc. since 2008 until 2012 when it was sold. He has years of experience in both operational and clinical services. Additionally, he earned his BS degree from the University of California while his medical degree was obtained from the University of New York.


On the other hand, Penelope Kokkinides is in charge of the chief administrative officer docket in Innovacare Health Inc. with more than twenty years of experience on health care services, she majors on Medicare as well as Medicaid programs. She is also a holder of bachelor’s degree in classical languages and Bachelor of Science from Binghamton University. Besides, she has a master’s program, which is an advanced degree in alcohol and substance abuse. Furthermore, she has also masters on public health obtained from Colombia University.


Notably, Penelope Kokkinides was among the eight professional and executive healthcare providers invited by President Donald Trump to discuss issues of healthcare. On her address to the president, she spoke of the need to increase the medical funding in Puerto Rico, which had reduced drastically.


Efforts to improve healthcare in Puerto Rico


Innovacare has always been at the forefront in the provision of quality health care services for all of its members in Puerto Rico. This is attributed to the continuous functions that are offered by this firm, which at times has earned it high ratings. Recently, this unit has expressed close relations with the pharmacy benefit managers. This move is aimed at providing quality health services in Puerto Rico. Furthermore, they also operate lone Medicare plan, which is accredited by the national committee for the quality assurance. Additionally, they also have another recognition that they intend to use to assure their clients of quality health services.


Additionally, besides meeting President Donald Trump, the role of the professional team in this unit cannot be overlooked. This team comprises of experienced and knowledgeable leaders. As such, these resource persons have special and diverge abilities to handle issues uniquely affecting health sector. This includes referrals from various areas of operations where they have worked before.



Waiakea Water is Revolutionizing the Bottle water industry

Waiakea water is single-handedly trying to change the way people view bottle water. It goes above and beyond to separate itself from other bottled water brands. Waiakea is more than just a bottled water company it is a lifestyle brand. After all, it is often referred to as volcanic water.


Drinking Waiakea Water can send the message that you care about the environment considering Waiakea is involved in multiple global sustainability efforts. It’s hard to believe the bottled water company was founded just a little over five years ago. It has grown rapidly and steadily since its founding and is showing no signs of stopping soon.


Waiakea’s unique approach to the bottled water industry is a reflection of its founder and CEO Ryan Emmons. Emmons is very passionate about both nature and health. Thus, Waiakea often promotes clean living and the conservation of resources. Emmons believes he can help save the environment through Waiakea Water.


The Hawaiian Volcanic water’s filtration process is unlike any other bottle water brand on the market. It is filtered through well over 10,000 feet of porous volcanic rock and full of minerals from the Mauna Loa volcano. This is why Waiakea is naturally alkaline water. Waiakea water’s pH balance is usually around 8.8. Making it some high quality H2O.


Drinking alkaline water like Waiakea can offer many health benefits. Because of its alkaline properties drinking Waiakea water can help balance the pH of the body. This in turn leads to better hydration. Not to mention that alkaline water has been proven to mitigate symptoms of acid reflux.


Though Waiakea may not be following the normal trajectory of most bottled water companies it is expected to be around for a while. It unique business methods are reinventing the industry altogether. In fact, the bottled water company has developed a biodegradable plastic bottle that will greatly decrease waste in the U.S. With all that being said, Waiakea Water probably is only scratching the surface of its overall potential.



Sussex Healthcare: Rewarding And Fulfilling Careers In Healthcare

If you’ve been thinking about changing careers, or are just looking for a great new company, check out Sussex Healthcare, today. With expanded services, great new leadership, and state of the art facilities, there’s never been a better time to get on board. Even those seeking entry-level employment will find a great new career while learning new skills.

Sussex Healthcare’s 25 years of experience and dynamic training programs will help you advance in your career or get started with learning all about the healthcare industry, and its many rewarding options. This article will provide you key information to determine if Sussex Healthcare is a great match for you.

The featured jobs with Sussex Healthcare are in nursing, care assistant, and senior care assistant. The company provides apprenticeships in nursing, and many other training opportunities to start or advance your career. The comprehensive benefits include double pay for certain shifts, uniforms, transportation, meals, retirement savings, referral bonuses, and the list goes on. The seemingly endless possibilities and great wages are just a couple of reasons Sussex Healthcare can attract top talent in the healthcare industry.

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Sussex Healthcare provides many different services for its patients. Care for older people is one of the most popular services. Dementia and neurological care are also popular. Those with learning disabilities, including those with profound multiple learning disabilities, are among the many different types of clients you’ll have the pleasure of caring for. With their patient-centered approach to medical care, Sussex Healthcare stands out from the crowd.

Amanda Morgan-Taylor has recently been appointed as the new CEO of Sussex Healthcare. Coming from a humble mental health nursing background, she grew to a top-level executive over the years. Her focus is on developing the business to provide the highest quality care. Having experience in social and independent care settings, she brings the skills that are necessary for a longer-term care facility. Her business relationships and connections in the field, provide her with a wealth of resources. Morgan-Taylor has already begun to make sweeping improvements and is excited about her new role with the company.

With so many exciting opportunities and events, now is the time to get started with Sussex Healthcare. For an unbelievably rewarding and fulfilling career in healthcare, this opportunity is extraordinary. The Sussex Healthcare Talent Network provides detailed descriptions of all the job postings and the requirements for each. Be sure to sign up for alerts, so you’ll always know first about new opportunities.

Check out their website career section today at https://sussexhealthcare.jobs.net/en-GB/.

Waiakea – Unparalleled Sustainable and Healthy Water

Hawaiians refer to themselves as “Children of the Land,” which explains their immense pride in their distinctive bond with nature. Amongst the pillars of their culture is respect and care for the land, which they uphold deeply, making their surroundings one of the most spectacular places to visit on this earth. This pillar is one that Waiakea takes very seriously.

Waiakea is widely recognized to be among the first premium bottled waters and beverages in the entire world. This is because the company undertakes practices such as the use of 100% PRET bottles, use of a renewable fresh water resource and harnessing low emission shipping. The company also actively participates in carbon offset programs that ensure the sustainability of their natural resources.

Waiakea bottles are 100% PRET, which in other words means recycled polyethylene terephthalate. What makes these bottles better than regular bottles is the fact that they use 85% less energy, 90% water, and a reduced carbon emission by over 90%. This makes for fully natural biodegradables at the end of each Waiakea bottle.

The water source for Waiakea can be found at Mauna Loa Volcano’s eastern base, which is circled by rich forest reserves. The company can convert 200 inches of snow melt and pure rain water into a feasible daily yield of 393 million gallons of water per day. This means that their monthly production alone is enough to satisfy the entire world’s consumption in an entire year. For all is sourcing operations needs, Waiakea applies 33% renewable energy, of which 25% is geothermal.

Waiakea was founded on June 1, 2012, by Ryan Emmons, with its headquarters located in Keaau, Hawaii. At the time it was the first triple bottom line premium water of its kind. The company goes above and beyond to ensure that it provides unparalleled healthy and sustainable water.

Waiakea also participates in philanthropic endeavors by donating 650 liters of water to disadvantaged individuals in the rural parts of Africa. This non-profit organization has also received an award for its charitable works. The company also receives a lot of media attention and has also received recognition from various awards.