The Legitimate Answers Behind Freedom Checks Question

Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks sure do attract a lot of questions. Badiali’s videos advocating freedom checks have spiked the number of people researching his name. It definitely garners a lot of interest, but it also loses a lot of investors. They look at the way the video is presented and read scam. The ones that research though find something deeper. They discover who Badiali is and what freedom checks are really about.

The answer to the first questions is investment guru. Matt Badiali is an expert investor in market of natural resource companies. In fact, he goes around and investigates natural resource companies. Badiali is a geologist and his expertise allows him to make actionable projections about the market to other investors. His advice and prospects usually bring great returns, which his why his readership on Banyan Hill Publishing is so high. His understanding of the market is what led him to the freedom check investment, which he projects as a profitable based on the rise in U.S. natural resource business.

The answer to the second question is MLP investment. Master Limited Partnerships are tradeable commodities that afford companies working capital and the functionality of a publicly traded entity. The payoff is that investors get a percentage, and the company gets a tax break. The tax break is in the form of a smaller taxed income, just 10% of the company’s revenue. This occurs because the company has to disburse 90% to stakeholders. Matt Badiali’s freedom checks are that percentage payment. Depending on the company it is monthly to quarterly payout but arrives in the form of a personal check allocated for return of capital.

Freedom checks are a genuine investment opportunity from a sincere investor. They are akin to stocks and carry the same risks and rewards. Above all they are not a scam and provide the payouts Badiali boasts about. Just remember, the payout matches the amount of stocks purchased.

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