Roseann Bennet Establishes Non-Profit Organization Focused On Mental Health


For a long time, mainstream medicine has ignored the importance of mental health and only now are we realizing how problematic that decision was. Nowadays, we understand that we have to treat a person’s mind in order for their whole body to be healthy and that means people like Roseann Bennett are going to become more and more important. Roseann Bennett is an experienced professional therapist and the co-founder of the non-profit organization, the Center for Assessment and Treatment. Bennett has been leading the charge in regards to the importance of mental health for years now and her work is only just now getting started. Recently the center incorporated Canine-Assisted Therapy in their plethora of innovative methods to address mental health issues.


As an experienced therapist with over a decade of experience working as an inpatient and out-patient therapist, Bennett knows full-well how important her work is and the impact that it can have on the people who come to see her. She also realized rather abruptly that so few people were actually getting to their appointments. The reason? The demand for therapy services has skyrocketed in recent years and more people are NOT getting seen than actually getting seen. The instigating factor in Roseann Bennett’s decision to establish her foundation was her realization that some patients could be stuck without a doctor for up to six months at a time — a number that was simply unacceptable.


So, Bennett went ahead and started the Center for Assessment and Treatment back in 2010. Since the doors of the facility were first opened, Bennett has been grinding in order to make sure that everyone who needs help is getting seen. At the beginning of her time at the facility, Bennett was working 6 days per week for up to 11 hours per day. Now, the facility has grown and is even able to help patients who don’t have the means to pay for their services. See This Page for additional information about Bennett.

Committing To Mental Healthcare With Roseann Bennet

Not many people believe in counseling and therapy. Most people disregard mental healthcare and just focus on physiological care. While little attention goes to mental healthcare, Roseann Bennet has dedicated his entire life to counseling and therapy. For more than a decade, Roseann has worked with families and individuals. She has helped them overcome mental challenges and restore their health.


Working as a therapist or counselor is a demanding job that requires nobility. Helping people settle and resolve their issues requires commitment. Treatments and therapies consume time and require effort. Roseann does not see all she has to give to her job. Instead, Roseann views it as a passion and her calling. Among Roseann’s areas of specialties are crisis management, adolescence issues, family matters, marriage counseling.


Most of Roseann’s work is in New Jersey where she is practicing her career. Some people cannot access mental healthcare because they cannot afford it. Roseann has paid special attention to these group of providing accessibility. Depression is a common mental illness affecting millions of Americans yearly. Roseann and her husband Todd established the Center for Assessment and Treatment and made it a place where everyone can get help and overcome their troubles.


Prevention has always been better than cure. Roseann Bennet lives up to this belief through blogs. She is a writer of several blogs on mental health. Her work also helps those struggling with conditions. Roseann Bennet does not work alone. She has a partner, Dr. Todd and other colleagues. Working with other people has helped Roseann achieve a lot and impact many lives.


Roseann Bennet is one of the professionals who Advocates For Telemedicine. Those people who cannot access therapists and counseling can benefit from online mental healthcare. Emails, apps and messages are capable of offering adequate services to needy people. The work is far from over and Roseann anticipates a lot more accomplishments in the future.


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