OSI Group: Expansion In Professional Foodservices

OSI Group is the epitome of foodservice excellence. This food supplying company has perfected its craft in custom-food solutions, in concept-to-table creations and in value-added products. At one point in time, the company only specialized in providing the tastiest of meats to the general public. As of 2018, the company controls all aspects of the business, including development, sourcing, management, processing and distribution. No matter your distinct location, OSI can definitely get the goods to you and in the fastest amount of time. Its supply-food chain is extensive thanks to its many state-of-the-art facilities. These facilities are pre-loaded with some of the most technologically advanced components. Poland, Brazil, Japan, China, India, Canada, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Hungary and other countries play host to OSI Group’s facilities.

It would be very hard trying to find a foodservice supplier that dates back as far as this company dates back. OSI Group laid its foundation in 1909. That’s right! The company has roots from Germany as well as roots in America. The city of Chicago was its first stomping ground, and it most certainly delivered on all promises. This is over 100 years of excellence and the company can backup all claims. Twenty-five percent of Chicago’s population was made-up of German-immigrants at the time, and these immigrants fueled the economy. “Chicago is the city of broad shoulders,” said Carl Sandburg, an American poet. Sandburg also stated that the region was “the hog butcher of the world.” After starting out as a butcher shop, OSI graduated into being a wholesaler of food products. The company kept on growing and growing at an alarming rate.

In 2011, Forbes ranked OSI Group as one of the nation’s biggest privately held companies. During this particular period of time, the company brought in over $3 billion in revenue. In 2016, the company acquired stake in Flagship Europe. This acquisition has strengthened the company’s foundation. “We now have a much broader presence in Europe,” said David McDonald, president of OSI Group. As of today, this European-based food provider is known as Creative Custom Foods. OSI Group has blazed a path to success, and it has laid the blueprint for all others to follow.

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