U.S. Money Reserve Supports Austin Disaster Relief Network

Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN) is a nonprofit institution that offers various services to help survivors of disasters to continue living their ordinary lives after the attacks. U.S. Money Reserve will support ADRN’s services to ensure that survivors get immediate assistance such as emergency housing transportation, direct financial aid and emotional and spiritual care. Learn more: https://www.usmoneyreserve.com/blog/


U.S. Money Reserve is in the process of arranging for a relief fund where all the donations will be channeled towards ADRN to fulfill the immediate emergency needs of survivors. U.S. Money Reserve is also encouraging contributions from other people by matching YouCaring contributions contributed to ADRN’s relief fund. Donation matching will take place throughout September to match the fund up to $100,000. U.S. Money Reserve feels like the storm has also affected them strictly because it has hit many of its workers and customers. Besides, the Houston community welcomed the company several years back when it was launched. Therefore, U.S. Money Reserve feels it is time to give back to the Houston community.


Hurricane Harvey was the first significant hurricane to hit the US after the Hurricane Wilma that hit the country in 2005. Hurricane Harvey caused a lot of damages during the four days that it lasted. The enormous rainfall caused catastrophic flooding across Texas, with thousands of people losing their homes and roads turning into rivers. Several residents of Texas were forced to relocate and start from scratch since they did not have time to save their belongings. Unfortunately, the hurricane claimed not less than 82 lives. Nonprofit organizations have been involved in helping victims of the storm as well as civilians who escaped the damages by opening their businesses and homes to assist the less fortunate. Local business owners are donating food and water to victims, and local schools are also offering free meals to children. Learn more: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/us-money-reserve-president-philip-diehl-named-chairman-of-the-industry-council-for-tangible-assets-icta-300322159.html


About U.S. Money Reserve

U.S. Money Reserve has grown over the years since its establishment in 2001. It is one of the leading private distributors of foreign and US government issued silver, gold, and platinum tender products in the world. U.S. Money Reserve was established with the objective of guiding clients about buying precious physical metals. The company offers satisfactory services to its clients for the last 15 years. It has more than 400,000 clients who benefit from its experienced staff members who help in getting the best products in the product through researching.

The U.S. Money Reserve Revamps Website To Aid Customers

Money Reserve is committed to superior customer service, which is why they were proud to announce the arrival of their new and updated website. Their new face of the company, USMoneyReserve.com truly reflects commitment to the experience of their customers and their status as a leader within the industry.



This precious metals company’s new website features new photography of their President, Philip Diehl. Diehl is a former U.S. Mint Director and is a tremendous asset to the growth of U.S. Money Reserve. The new site was created to educate their consumers on the many benefits of buying into the precious metals industry and to enhance their experience in doing so.



Vice President of U.S. Money Reserve’s Brand and Creative Ryan Buchanan claims that the company is thrilled to now have a responsive tool that lets them create quality content across numerous platforms. They are excited to further interact with their clients and offer them the best precious metals through their online storefront. Ryan Buchanan was very close to this project, overseeing the entire redesign.



Their online shop is still growing and gives consumers live competitive pricing on bars of gold and silver. They also offer exclusive products and other PCGS certified coins. Customers can easily sign up for free information kits or check out the new Knowledge Center that gives them up to date information on the industry and information regarding grading, purchasing, and coin minting.



Money Reserve even offers a Client-Connect Advantage that allows them to easily contact their customers with special offline releases, purchasing assistance, and one-on-one consultations. The company’s BuyBack Guarantee is among the top-preferred in the industry, offering a full refund on coin orders at their current market price within 30 days of purchase.



Founded in 2001, U.S. Money Reserve is one of the country’s largest distributors of government-issues gold, silver, and precious metals. Every year, hundreds of thousands of clients rely of the company to diversify their assets. The team at U.S. Money Reserve is uniquely trained in coin information and are equipped with the best knowledge to find the best products for their customers.

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