Jacob Gottlieb Adds Stake in Altium

Jacob Gottlieb is a successful venture capitalist in the healthcare industry. Throughout his career, Jacob has made bold investments in the sector.

He recently founded a company called Altium Capital. Altium has an ownership stake in numerous companies. For example, the company holds a 5.61% stake in Amarin. Amarin is a pharmaceutical company based in Dublin, Ireland. The company has experienced a rapid growth rate in recent years. Many industry analysts expect that the pharmaceutical industry will experience rapid growth for the foreseeable future.

Jacob’s Early Career

Jacob Gottlieb has enjoyed resounding career success from an early age. After graduating from college, he decided to start working in the investment industry. He graduated with a degree in economics from Brown University. He also graduated from New York University with a medical degree.

After spending some time in the medical field, he decided to pursue the financial side of the industry. He earned a CFA designation and started working with an investment firm.

Founding Altium

After spending many years as an investment banker, Jacob wanted more control over his schedule. Working at a hedge fund was taking a massive toll on his health. He decided to invest millions of dollars in establishing Altium Capital. The decision was a significant financial risk, but he was confident he could succeed. His first few investments were a resounding success, and the capital started pouring in from other investors.

Investing Philosophy

Jacob has a unique investing philosophy. Instead of spreading out his investments, he looks for a few investment opportunities each year. He is not afraid to invest in a company that other people have forgotten about. There are numerous examples of Jacob making millions of dollars on a single transaction. He can earn massive financial returns because he takes significant risks with his investments.