JHSF’s Jos Auriemo Neto Hailed As One of BOF 500

JHSF Partipacoes is one of the highest regarded names in the high-end real estate sector in Brazil. The company has been known for building high-end infrastructures such as shopping centers, hotels, and international business airports. When it comes to premier infrastructures, JHSF is one of the biggest authorities in Brazil.

Among the company’s project includes the Parque Cidade Jardim, which is Brazil’s first ever large-scale mixed-use market way back in 2006. JHSF also purchased the Fasano Hotels which became one of the best hotels in the country. In 2008, the Shopping Cidade Jardim, Sao Paulo’s first open-air Shopping Mall, was opened to the public. JHSF’s other notable projects include the Praca Vila Nova, Shopping Bela Vista, Benedito Lapin, Metropolitan and Platinum Building, Vitra, Las Piedras, Sao Paulo Catarina Executive Airport, and Fazenda Boa Vista Ranch.

The company is founded in 1972 and is based on Sao Paulo, Brazil. It has led some of the most notable development projects in the country. When the company started to grow, it also expanded its operations worldwide. Right now, it has operations in Sao Paulo, Salvador, and Manaus. Internationally, it is present in Punta del Este in Uruguay and Miami and New York in the US. It currently has four business units that include Shopping centers, airport, incorporation, and hotels and restaurants.

JHSF was able to endure 42 years of competition with its rivals in the market. It is currently headed by Jose Auriemo Neto as the chairman. He is the heir of JHSF and has been expanding his father’s company since then. Among his works in the company is administering the shopping and retail portfolio. He is able to expand the company’s influence with the Metro Tucuruvi, Bela Vista, and Ponta Negra in Salvador and Manaus respectively. Jose Auriemo Neto started working in the company in as early as 1993 after he graduated in Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado University.

Recently, he is named as one of the “Business of Fashion” or BOF 500. The BOF 500 is a lift of professionals that are shaping the fashion industry. The list is handpicked by The Business Edition, in which hundreds of nominations are received. This is due to the inauguration of the Cidade Jardim shopping mall, which changed the face of the Brazilian fashion scene.