Tony Petrello – Leader And Contributor Of Nabors Industries

Mr Anthony (Tony) G. Petrello is a part of a large company that works in the sector for gas wells and oil drilling. The company is based in Hamilton, Bermuda and was established in 1968. Nabors Industries, Ltd used to be called Anglo Energy, Ltd.

Mr Tony Petrello has been an integral part of Nabors Industries, Ltd since 1991. He has been offered several promotions during his time at the large corporation. At first, Mr Tony Petrello was serving on the Board of Directors the as Executive Committee of the Board. Mr Tony Petrello became the Deputy Chairman of Nabors Industries, Ltd in 2003 and in October of 2011, he was appointed the responsibilities of chief executive officer and president of the large corporation. Mr Tony Petrello also became Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board in the middle of 2012.

His education, Mr Tony Petrello received at the Yale University. He graduated from the esteemed institution with a master’s degree in Mathematics. Mr Tony Petrello is also a former student of Harvard University. He received a J.D. from the University of Harvard – Harvard Law School. Before he was a part of Nabors Industries, Mr Tony Petrello worked at the law firm Baker & McKenzie. He was a part of the firm for more than a decade.

The company of Nabors Industries, Ltd is operating through its subsidiaries – Nabors Offshore Corporation, Nabors Drilling, C & L Energy Services, and more. There are more than ten subsidiaries of Nabors Industries.


The Interesting And Informative New Program By The U.S. Money Reserve

The U.S. Money Reserve is one of the biggest private distributors of United States and foreign issue platinum, silver and gold legal tender products. They are currently launching a new television program called 2016 Gold Summit. The show is 28 minutes and takes place in Los Angeles, California at the 2016 Gold Summit. Larry King will be the moderator for the program.

Ronald Regan’s oldest son, Michael Reagan will also be included in the program. He appears early in the program and explains his fathers belief that all American citizens have the right to own gold. A trio of panelists from the U.S. Money Reserve then speak and discuss the benefits of U.S. government gold ownership. They talk about the purchasing power of the dollar, the volatility currently in the financial market and how recent events have had an effect on the gold bull market.

The panel is compromised of three extremely credible sources. Brad Castillo was formerly the Vice President in the field of sales for the U.S. Money Reserve. Philip Diehl is the Chairman for the Industry Council for Tangible Assets and the U.S. Money Reserves President. John Rothans works for the U.S. Money Reserve as the Master Numismatist.

The 2016 Gold Summit Show reveals the talent and hard work of the team responsible for the award-winning production. The U.S. Money Reserve feels honored that Larry King has agreed to be the moderator.

They have a long relationship Michael Reagan and when this is combined with Michael’s personal relationship with Larry King the result is a unique program involving two living legends. The program will appear on specific media markets all over nation later this week.

The U.S. Money Reserve was founded in 2001. In the time since they have grown to be one of the biggest providers in their field throughout the world. Their clients total the hundreds of thousands and are scattered throughout the country. They rely on the U.S. Money Reserve for diversification of their assets through precious metals usually in U.S. silver and gold coins.

According to Bloomberg, the U.S. Money Reserve has a unique and highly skilled team. Their coin researchers and numismatic professionals are well trained and their knowledge of the market is excellent. They locate products offering the highest potential for profit.

The U.S. Money Reserve exceeds the standards of the industry and provides their customers with superior service. Their goal is having long-term relationships with all of their customers.

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Networking And Recruiting: How Brian Torchin Is Melding Data Science Into Employment Opportunities

One of the hats that Brian Torchin wears is CEO of HCRC Staffing. Plain CEO feels like a somewhat inadequate way to describe the achievements and path Torchin has taken. HCRC Staffing is the industry staffing leader of medical professionals, not as flashy and attention grabbing perhaps as a sector like banking, or automotive would be.

The recruitment industry still deserves recognition in spite of such, and Brian Torchin enabled this movement to take place. Brian Torchin is widely heralded for being a visionary in his field. HCRC stands for Healthcare Recruitment Counselors, which is exactly what Torchin envisioned.

Getting his start on the eastern coast of the United States, Torchin has taken HCRC to new heights, expanding into Asia and Europe. Torchin believed that medical companies had a dire need to perform a proactive search and hunt for the most qualified candidates- instead of simply filter feeding passing candidates. Taking a page from earlier experiences as a practicing physician, Torchin understood that finding quality applicants was an endeavor worth embarking on.

The HCRC staffing website upholds Tochin’s desire to make the recruitment process a more effective one. Upon landing at the website, glossy pictures reveal happy medical professionals and an inviting toll-free number jubilantly greets users. An information box answers users possible questions immediately- the site shares that all medical personnel recruitment begins here, medical office assistants and billing managers- not just physicians and nurses.

Accessibility is a huge factor when it comes to reaching out to a top CEO. According to Glassdoor, Brian Torchin ensures that the public has a choice of communication channels when it comes to reaching out or finding out more about his company. Active on Facebook and Twitter, Torchin tweets out comments about Trumps Medical Bill as well as shares comments that he endorses.

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Fabletics is emerging as an Authority in the Fashion E-commerce Market

Fabletics has put on a spirited fight and has succeeded in cementing its authority in the global fashion e-commerce world. Under the thoughtful guidance of Kate Hudson, the fashion heavyweight is in the process of outsmarting established companies in the fashion sector. New firms have found it challenging to infiltrate the e-commerce market, 20 percent of which is controlled by Amazon. However, Hudson’s Fabletics has been undergoing exponential expansion and has reported a $250 million progression in less than five years.


Why Fabletics is excelling in the e-commerce market


Fabletics has cultivated fantastic conditions for the growth of the activewear movement. The company has put in place a reliable subscription mechanism that allows it to match clients with their preferred workout gear. This brand has thrived due to its convenience, membership, and inspiring nature. In 2017, the company will start new physical stores to add to the sixteen, which are currently operational in California, Illinois, Florida, and Hawaii.


Reverse showrooming


Many fashion brands have failed to capitalize on showrooming. Their main challenge has been to turn offline browsers into paying customers. Fabletics has managed to reverse the model and use it to its advantage. Rather than a negative, the fashion brand has converted offline browsing into something positive. Reverse showrooming allows Fabletics to nurture relationships, build a reputation, and gain a perfect mastery of the local markets. Between 30 and 50 percent of individuals who visit Fabletics’ physical stores are members and close to 25 percent subscribe as members while in store.




Fabletics is a renowned member-based subscription online stores that sell unique fitness apparel. The firm designs its outfits to take its clients from the fitness room to real life. It excels in designing and selling cute workout outfits that meet the fashion desires of every woman. Fabletics members exist in two specific categories: VIP and regular members.

Regular members can register using their email addresses plus a password at a zero cost. They can go on to shop for workout outfit at regular prices that are somewhat expensive. On the other hand, VIP members enjoy deals on the workout gear and free shipping, but they will pay a monthly charge of $45.95. VIP members save nearly 50 percent off the regular cost. They also acquire points on the free loyalty gears. Despite selling its outfits at a relatively lower price, Fabletics has succeeded in maintaining quality at a higher level.

A Look At Adam Goldenberg And His Career

Who Is Adam Goldenberg?

Adam Goldenberg is a Los Angeles based entrepreneur, inventor and internet marketing guru. Mr. Goldberg created his very first company while he was only 16 years old. This was Gamer’s Alliance Inc., which was a network of gaming sites powered by advertisements. Gamer’s Alliance Inc. was formed in 1997 and acquired by Intermix Media in 1999. Intermix was the parent company that owned Myspace at the time.

At age 18, when Intermix acquired Gamer’s Alliance Inc., Adam Goldenberg became the VP of strategic planning at the firm. In two more years, he became the chief operating officer. Adam Goldenberg was the youngest chief operating officer to serve in a company that was publicly traded on the stock market on Twitter. Intermix Media was eventually acquired by the media conglomerate company, News Corp for over half a billion dollars in 2005. Adam Goldenberg ended up leaving the company to start a new venture instead.

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The new venture that Adam Goldenberg co-founded along with Don Ressler was called Intelligent Beauty. Its name refers to the fact that the best and brightest minds should come together to create beautiful or great products and businesses. Intelligent Beauty was built to be a brand building business on Companies that Intelligent Beauty has created include JustFab with Kate Hudson.

Adam Goldenberg serves as a CEO of JustFab alongside Don Ressler, who is his business partner. JustFab is the parent company of the popular online subscription based online store known as Fabletics. It is also the parent company of Shoe Dazzle and Personal Retailing Inc. Recently, Goldenberg, Ressler and Hudson have renamed JustFab to TechStyle Fashion Group at Adam Goldenberg continues to lead online marketing, sales and e-commerce platform development at TechStyle Fashion Group. The company is based in El Segunda, California and has millions of monthly subscribers in the USA and abroad.

Lori Senecal Is The Best There Is, There Was, And Is To Come

Lori Senecal is a lady whose abilities remain unmatched in today’s world. Young as she is, she has been able to thrive on any challenge that might have come her way. As we all know, it’s the challenges that we face in life that help us to become better people. Lori has used her downfalls as lessons, and stepping stones to improve her way of life. In so doing, she has gained respect as one of the best corporate masters ever to exist.

However, her journey to success has not been a smooth sail. Just like any other person, she has been compelled to go through the modern education system so as to qualify as any average person for a decent white collar job. Lori Senecal currently holds a bachelor’s of commerce in marketing and finance that she attained at McGill University. Lori’s after school life has enabled her to gain many skills, techniques that have helped her bring much success to the institutions she has been an employee. Some of the skills she possesses today include advertising, working in an integrated market, and in-depth knowledge in digital strategy.

In the past, according to, Lori Senecal has been an employee of companies like MDC Partner Network, Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners LLC, DDB Worldwide Communications Group Inc., TAG, McCann Worldgroup, CocaCola, Print Xbox, Molson, Nestle, Nabisco, InBev, Weight Watcher’s, Staples, Applebee’s and Isaac Awards. Besides, Lori Senecal has been fortunate enough to work as a chief executive officer, president, partner, chief marketing officer, co-managing director, director, jury chair, chief innovative officer and global director.

With the skills that Lori Senecal has at her disposal, she has been able to improve productivity in most, if not all of the corporations she has been part and parcel of as an employee. Currently, Lori is the global CEO at Crispin Porter & Bogusky. Senecal is the face behind the brand since she has been able to work for an institution like CocaCola. She is the one person who brings something new to the table, with the aim of creating highly efficient and productive systems.

Finally, Lori is very passionate about technology. She tries as much as possible to integrate latest technological advancements into her operations so as to minimize the use of resources and at the same time boost productivity. With the kind of power in her hands, she has helped find new talent thus employing more people into the companies she runs.


Securus Technologies and The Witch in the Woods

Securus Technologies is a large communications provider who works with correctional institutions, Safety Associations, and law enforcement organizations. They currently provide services for over 3,400 happy clients and more than 1.2 million inmates and their families all over North America.


The Securus system works with Android phones, iPhones, tablets and all landline phone systems. Calling plans include direct billing, prepaid plans, a collect plan and inmate debit where the phone charges are paid by the inmate.


A very popular plan is the video calling program where callers can view each other while talking as long as there is a webcam on each portion of the call. There is also a Jail Voicemail feature, email and a money transfer system.


The connection between incarcerated individuals and their families has been a life changer for millions of people. It allows everyone to keep up on news and events, and the attitude of inmates is always better when they can communicate with family.


Recently a competitor, GTL, began to blast information publically through the airways and their advertisements stating that their services and pricing were so far superior to Securus that there was no comparison. The so-called “facts” that they use to portray their fantasy seemed to originate in the Wizard of Oz Story. Everything they said was blatantly false.


Securus decided it was time to take action, so the publically proposed a public challenge to lay each company’s metrics side by side to show the truth. The figures and facts would have to be backed by proof, and the final decision was to be made by an impartial, disinterested third party.


Once the word was out, a deafening silence was noticeable throughout the land. Not a peep from GTL for several weeks, until a polite declination came from GTL stating that they would not be participating in the challenge. The truth of the matter was that facts speak louder that idle words and Securus had the facts.


The U.S. Money Reserve Revamps Website To Aid Customers

Money Reserve is committed to superior customer service, which is why they were proud to announce the arrival of their new and updated website. Their new face of the company, truly reflects commitment to the experience of their customers and their status as a leader within the industry.



This precious metals company’s new website features new photography of their President, Philip Diehl. Diehl is a former U.S. Mint Director and is a tremendous asset to the growth of U.S. Money Reserve. The new site was created to educate their consumers on the many benefits of buying into the precious metals industry and to enhance their experience in doing so.



Vice President of U.S. Money Reserve’s Brand and Creative Ryan Buchanan claims that the company is thrilled to now have a responsive tool that lets them create quality content across numerous platforms. They are excited to further interact with their clients and offer them the best precious metals through their online storefront. Ryan Buchanan was very close to this project, overseeing the entire redesign.



Their online shop is still growing and gives consumers live competitive pricing on bars of gold and silver. They also offer exclusive products and other PCGS certified coins. Customers can easily sign up for free information kits or check out the new Knowledge Center that gives them up to date information on the industry and information regarding grading, purchasing, and coin minting.



Money Reserve even offers a Client-Connect Advantage that allows them to easily contact their customers with special offline releases, purchasing assistance, and one-on-one consultations. The company’s BuyBack Guarantee is among the top-preferred in the industry, offering a full refund on coin orders at their current market price within 30 days of purchase.



Founded in 2001, U.S. Money Reserve is one of the country’s largest distributors of government-issues gold, silver, and precious metals. Every year, hundreds of thousands of clients rely of the company to diversify their assets. The team at U.S. Money Reserve is uniquely trained in coin information and are equipped with the best knowledge to find the best products for their customers.

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EOS Takes Lip Care to a Whole Other Level

In a meteoric rise to fame, the Evolution of Smooth company became a powerful lip balm company. The round shaped lip balm pods became a staple beauty product for makeup artists, celebrities, and everyday people. A meteoric rise of lip balm is odd because the product is largely monopolized and was long viewed as perfected. EOS founders decided to look at further ways to improve lip balm, and their decisions helped them make their products take off.

Lip balm is a handy product. It’s what we use to keep our lips from becoming too cracked or uncomfortably dry. Most people use lip balm. The weakness of the product is that it is viewed in a somewhat clinical sense. Some people view selecting a lip balm to be as dull as selecting cold medicine and cough drops when they are feeling ill.

The issue with lip balm shopping experiences being dull was something the EOS founders took into account while planning their lip balm. The company decided they had to make their lip balm more exciting than something rather clinical. EOS embraced the challenge and brainstormed new ingredients, new product design, and advertisements that would entice millennials.

According to, the new ingredients for the EOS lip balm was selected to reflect what consumers want to see in their products. The focus on ingredients from consumers nowadays is because of a desire to select more natural leaning products. EOS embraced this by selecting natural and organic ingredients to go into their lip balm.

The new product design EOS lip balm wanted was something fresh and new to the eye. They wanted consumers to be enthralled by the product’s container. They went through a few different designs until they settled on the round pod shape. They selected different colored pods to reflect the different natural and tropical scents of the lip balms.

The last step to making their company a success was to embrace modern advertising. EOS realized the importance of using internet based ads, social media, and to approach celebrities with their products. This strategy helped them to reach a wider range of consumers and it made their sales take off.

EOS is now the second top selling lip balm business in the United States. They are second only to Burt’s Bees. Burt’s Bees also sell a unique and natural ingredients based lip balm product. The Evolution of Smooth are now a company worth $250 million. They are sure to continue being a dominate lip balm company in the future.

EOS products are available online at the website and via Try ’em today!


Multiple sclerosis (MS) is one of the very difficult diseases to treat; it has also shown high resistance to the normal MS treating drugs. In a progressive state the disease causes physical disabilities by affecting both the brain and spinal cord. However, there is great hope for such patients with the newly stem plant research results released earlier this month.

The results cover a five year term where 24 volunteer patients of ages 26 to 52 with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (MS). First a sample of their blood forming stem cells was collected and was later administered back after they received a high dosage of chemotherapy to supress their immunity. The research shows that a one-time treatment with high-dose immunosuppressive therapy (HDIT) followed by autologous hematopoietic cell transplant (HCT) is more effective than a continuous treatment with drugs for a specific MS. In the research the patients received the (HDIT/MS) but never took any MS medication later. After the five year trial period, 69 percent of the patients shown no new brain lesions, progression of disability and relapse of MS symptoms. Some of the patients showed improvement through the recovery of some of the physical abilities that they had lost earlier. Even so, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases sponsored research resulted in two fatalities none of which was related to the research.

Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta; a New Jersey based neurologist and Psychiatrist is among the people who are working tirelessly to cure such neurological illness. He graduated in 1979 from Government medical college, completed his neurological residency both at Boston City Hospital and Tufts Medical Center. He has worked in the field for almost forty years and is currently practicing at Eastern Neurodiagnostic Associates. Dr. Shiva also has affiliations with Kennedy University Hospital meaning that he can not only treat but also admit his patients to the hospital.

Dr. Shiva’ practice not only uses English but supports Spanish in order to cover a wider scope of patients. He accepts many insurance cards for patient’s treatments and only accepts the Medicare-approved amount without making any further charges. Dr. Shiva is truly a noble man whose main objective is to ensure that patients receive the best quality patient care.