Steve Ritchie : An apology letter with action

Pizza giant Papa John’s is now under new leadership in the form of form president Steve Ritchie. Steve was appointed CEO after an unfortunate scandal within the company that left board members with no choice but to change course. Steve Ritchie is, however, no stranger to the Papa John’s brand, in fact, Steve began with the company in 1996 as an hourly wage worker manning the customer service phones. His desire to be more involved with the company saw him own and operate his own franchise, soon after he was moved up the ranks due to his incredible hard work ethics and sales records.

Steve Richie’s first order of business as CEO was to bring closure to the scandal in the form of a written apology letter to customers and employees alike. At the beginning of his apology letter, Steve mentions that knowing that this issue caused so much offense and hurt to people all over the country has formulated into some of the roughest weeks he’s had with the company. He understands their frustrations and anger, however, he is quick to remind everyone that the words of one particular person do not represent the company as a whole. Papa John’s employee’s thousands of staff, franchisees, and employees who work within our communities, and placing blame against them is not the right thing to do.

However, Steve states that this is not going to be a mere apology of words, but a promise to do more in the form of visible action. First, the company will hire a panel of experts to audit all locations in order to better understand the culture within Papa Johns. Second, senior management along with Steve himself will hit the road to visit locations across the country and speak directly to employees and customers alike about what can be done better. Lastly, is a promise to all customers of transparency from now own.