How Jana Messerschmidt Got To Lightspeed

Jana Messerschmidt may not have been a household name, but she’s becoming increasingly well known in the business world. Up until 2016, she was Vice President of Global Business Development and Platform at Twitter, but more recently has moved to Lightspeed where she serves as an Investment Partner. It may seem like a significant jump, but the Jana Lightspeed combination has been a long time coming; after all, Lightspeed had pursued several investments in companies Jana had previously supported.

With the hiring of Jana Lightspeed also brought in some other hires; however, it was Ms. Messerschmidt’s hiring that drew attention. This may be down to her profile within the business world and the success she’s had in her career. That being said, Jana isn’t exactly held down by her position with Lightspeed; in fact, she currently has a few other positions in other companies running alongside her role as an Investing Partner in the firm. She’s also well known as the founder of #Angels, which she set up in 2015.

The company is based in San Francisco and focuses on bringing more women to successful start-ups. She co-founded the company alongside some other investors, most notably Chloe Sladden, Jessica Verrilli, April Underwood, Katie Stanton, and Vijaya Gadde. However, this isn’t all that Ms. Messerschmidt is known for. Before her time with Twitter, she also served as the Director of Business Development at Netflix; during her time with the streaming giant, she focused on mobile and consumer electronics partnerships. Earlier in her career, she also held positions with DivX and AT&T. She graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering in 2001. Now with her recent hiring by Lightspeed, it looks as though Jana Messerschmidt’s career is set to keep going further and further.

Sheldon Lavin, the Philanthropist Behind the Success of OSI Group

A great man is not defined by how much wealth he has accumulated but by the legacy he leaves behind once he is gone. Sheldon is one man with a great legacy to leave behind because of the great works that are tagged to his big name. Most people will define him by his title; The CEO of the OSI Group. Is that all? Sheldon Lavin is known for his big hear that accommodates the less fortunate in the society through is charitable works or we can call it kind acts.

Sheldon Lavin has demonstrated his charitable work through supporting different charitable institutions and excellent courses; the OSI group has been the greatest pioneer in championing for the go green environmental policies that implement the reduction in environmental impact and increase the safeguard of the environment. Sheldon Lavin is also a board member of trustees for the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC). His wisdom and guidance help give direction on the leadership of this charity foundation. His administration speaks volumes of the vast experience he has in this field hence helping the foundation serve the rightful beneficiaries.

Sheldon’s active contributions to several charitable works are notable, and He can never go unrecognized through coveted awards both locally and internationally. Sheldon Lavin has supported other foundations including the Inner City Foundation, Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago, The National Multiple Sclerosis society, Jewish United Fund, United Negro College Fund and many more. He deserved the awards and services of recognition such as;

The President of the Sheba Foundation, Board Member of the Rush University Medical Center, and Board member of Goodman Theater. Not forgetting that through his company expansion and growth, so many families have gotten breadwinners through employment. Sheldon Lavin believes that by traveling and making connections that are aimed at helping and improving people’s lives, the world can be one big family for all to fit in.

Robert Ivy Shares Important Insights That Would Help You Advance Your Profession

Advancing from a fresh graduate to an accomplished senior executive is a puzzling task. The mission requires a network of like-minded people who will help you grow, as well as credentials that will position you as an expert.

Moreover, advancing from a junior to a senior level requires that you hone your skills to meet the corporate needs. How can you fulfill these requirements? As CEO of AIA, Robert Ivy says that joining a relevant professional organization would be one of the most effective ways to fulfill the requirements.

How will a professional organization help you sail from a junior level to a senior level?
1. Professional organizations give you an opening for continuous learning
Reputable professional organizations understand the need for continuous learning. On that account, they manage a database of current information, data, research journals, and other publications that would help you improve your knowledge. The organizations update their library of resources from time to time.

2. Professional organizations improve your chances of getting a job
Have you been finding it hard to secure your dream job? If yes, then you would want to up your job hunting game by joining a relevant professional society. The organizations offer explicit career guidance to its members. Besides career guidance, the organizations organize regular conferences and job fairs that connect talented employees to potential hiring managers.

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3. Professional association provide a networking platform
Robert Ivy says that joining a professional association is an excellent way to meet peers and role models. The organizations’ regular conferences and summits bring together thousands of people with shared interests.

Networking exposes you to an abundance of opportunities, gives you a chance to exchange ideas with like-minded people, and it makes you more noticeable to potential employers. Moreover, networking influences you positively, and it gives you the confidence to interact with new people.

A Brief Memoir of Robert Ivy
Robert is a trained architect based in Washington DC. He was the brainpower behind the design of National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial. Apart from his architect career, Robert Ivy has served as an editor in leading publishing firms like McGraw-Hill Construction media and Architectural Record. He is an award winner of the American Society of Magazine Editors.

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Times Have Really Been Busy As Of Late At Sussex Healthcare:

Sussex Healthcare has now been serving the greater Sussex, England area for over twenty-five year. The company is a leading institution in the patient care field and runs more than twenty care homes across the Sussex region where patients of various needs are cared for. From elderly patients to patients with developmental difficulties and traumatic brain injuries, Sussex Healthcare makes a huge difference in the lives of so many. This is largely a testament to its visionary founds Shafik Sachedina along with his business partner Shiraz Boghani.Sachedina and Boghani have made such a dynamic pair as business partners because each has brought an individual skillset.

These skill sets have blended perfectly with Sachedina’s medical background and Boghani’s hospitality background fusing to form the perfect leadership team for a group of patient care homes of the kind of Sussex Healthcare runs. Things have been busy for Sussex Healthcare beyond the celebrations of the company’s 25th. It has also been a busy time for the company in hiring top-notch new team members to help the company continue its consistent performance in the patient care realm. The current round of hiring sees Sussex Healthcare looking for team members to take on the role of skilled caregivers. Sussex is also seeking new assistants that can provide committed care for residents at Sussex Healthcare’s homes.

All new staff members will receive expert training from Sussex’s managers as well as its teachers. Sussex is also filling registered nursing positions for the purpose of custom care that any Sussex patients require.A huge benefit that Sussex patients receive is the fact that the care provider gives them regularly managed activities. These are known to help in the improvement of patient memory and is also good for them physically. To further serve patients, the company has recently added a fitness center with various types of exercise equipment that is highly beneficial to patient well being. This outstanding patient facility also has the luxury of a swimming pool and patients can also take advantage of hydrotherapy which has shown to provide great benefits to well being.

Stream Energy

Stream Energy is a company that provides energy and wireless services for homes. It is based in Texas and Pennsylvania among other cities, but its services are available countrywide. It has featured as a corporate that being involved in different philanthropic activities. This has positively influenced the company’s brand and earned it the respect of loyal clients and the community at large.

Philanthropic Activities

Stream Energy has been giving back to the society for years, through Stream Care Foundation, they have now formalized their charity and philanthropy. As a company, they reflect just how generous and charity oriented corporate America is.

  • Hurricane Harvey

Stream Energy was there to help affected families when the Hurricane Harvey floods rendered many people homeless and stranded. They used the profits from their direct sales to offer a helping hand. They worked for hand in hand with Hope CO to ensure that all victims were taken care of. With donations from associates and their selfless giving, they were able to show generosity and be there for these victims at their moment of need. Stream Energy built working relationships with Habitat for Humanity and Red Cross to ensure seamless coordination of funds collection and distribution.

  • Texas Tornado in 2016

In 2016, Stream Energy was also there to aid victims of the Tornado that hit families in Texas in December. They worked for hand in hand with the Salvation Army to ensure that funds raised, and donations from associates are used to benefit victims. Through Operation Once in a Lifetime, it ensured that they did not only offer assistance but also ensured that their presence was felt. They provided transportation for the Veterans so that they could spend time with family members seeing as it was Christmas.


Stream Energy is passionate about changing the lives of the less fortunate, specifically homeless families. They have a system where they track down homeless families and provide them with necessities.

Impressionable Facts about Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi is the founder and CIO of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. The firm is a hedge management one and it was founded in 2009 with an aim of correcting myths about stocks and overhyped shorts in the market. Sahm has achieved major successes through the firm and h recently gave a negative report regarding the firm’s short position at St Joe Company in New York City. In his advocations, Sahm insists that the firm which looks forward to transforming a vast area of the desolate area near Panama may fail to do so as its land holdings are overhyped and only worth a fraction of the value of the company.

According to his research, Sahm Adrangi also noted that many firms had lost hope in the services that St Joe Company offers. Sahm has seen the Kerrisdale capital firm grow tremendously since its establishment. He founded the firm with $1million and over the years, the firm has managed over $150 million. Through the various research that Sahm Adrangi conducts, he has helped many companies from bankruptcy by offering them guidance on the best opportunities to invest in as well as those that they ought to ignore. His advocations have seen him receive a lot of accreditation from a significant number of I individuals in the United States, most of who are happy for his ability to help them choose their business partners wisely.

Additionally, Sahm Adrangi has also shown a great interest towards the use of the modern technology in his endeavors, and he shares his thoughts concerning investments through his website, twitter as well as third-party business related sites. He made a great reputation for himself after managing to expose the fraudulent proceedings of the Chinese Company, Marine Food Group and he has over the recent years played a major role in helping firms choose their business counterparts wisely.

Through the Kerrisdale Capital firm, Sahm Adrangi has strived to bring developments by focusing on a specific area like the biotechnology sector. The renowned investor seeks to bring a change in the business world in the coming years and his advocations have been received with a lot of enthusiasms.

The Detailed Career Life of Louis Chenevert

There is nothing as inspiring as the success story of an investor. This is because although many people have been trying, few seem to get their way out in the field. The chronicles of the pioneers make it easy to join the puzzles of the career journey. Louis Chenevert is a good example, whose ways in business have been proved very effective.

Louis Chenevert is the former Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). The legacy that he left in the conglomerate has led to everyone reading about him. It was such a surprise when Louis Chenevert decided to quit his job because the firm was doing so well. It is crucial to note that he never resigned from his job due to any scandals, misunderstandings or failures. He wanted to have time with his family away from the corporate world. It would also be a perfect time to pursue his personal goals.

Louis Chenevert led to the prominence of UTC by encouraging them and guiding them to invest in the future. He believed that it was the best strategy to protect the economy of the USA from any recession periods. He also made very helpful acquisitions for the firm. The GTF engine, for example, that he purchased from his former employer is currently being used by more than 14 airlines. It cost the firm $10 billion and 20 years to design, but the firm does not have any regrets.

Louis brings his ideas to life by employing an able team. He says that he always works to see that the expectations of his customers are exceeded. He achieves this by intensely reviewing the plans he needs to evaluate. He concentrates on small teams and great leadership to see the ideas come to reality.

There are very many factors that make Louis a successful investor. He says it is hard to point out one trait that contributes to his success. Louis says that he stays focused on the matters that help in accomplishing the goals he has set. He also stays optimistic when implementing his work. He also focuses on the productive individuals who are ready to work for the good of the firm.

The Outstanding Performance of Roberto Santiago as an Entrepreneur

Roberto Santiago is a famous businessman and author who is based in Joao Pessoa. He is interested in movie production and has participated in the shooting of a couple of films. Santiago has been a businessman from when he was still a teenager and has currently made significant accomplishments. He kicked off his career in the field by establishing an eatery that was based in Santa Rosa. The business enabled him to accumulate some money that he used to create a cartonage company that manufactured decorative products. Roberto has accumulated a lot of wealth over the years and is currently the owner of the Manaira Shopping Mall.


Santiago was born on in July 1958 and has been living in Joao Pessoa for most of his life. He attended the Pio X-Marist College and later specialized in business administration at the University Center of Joao Pessoa. His education has facilitated his success as an entrepreneur. Roberto used to be a sports person during his youth, and he won several kart and motocross championship trophies. Manaira Shopping mall was launched in 1989 and has been the favorite shopping and entertainment destination for most of the city residents. It also attracts tourists from different parts of Brazil.


Manaira Shopping is famous for the wide array of products and services that it provides to the shoppers. It is the largest business premise in Joao Pessoa and houses different stores. The mall has been designed to provide the clients with the outstanding comfort, fun, and leisure. It has a state-of-the-art cinema hall that has been fitted with 3D technology, an electronic amusement park, and many other amenities. The entertainment that is offered at Manaira Shopping has enabled it to attract thousands of people every day. The building is located near a beach, and this allows the shopper to enjoy the breeze and excellent views. Many families and friends meet at the mall to relax due to its tranquil environment. The shopping mall also has a spacious food court.


The roof top of Manaira Shopping has the city’s largest concert hall. The place can accommodate over 4,000 seats or 10,000 standing individuals. It is hired by city residents for hosting a variety of events that include weddings, conference, exhibitions, and music concert. The hard working nature of Roberto Santiago has enabled him to be a very successful individual. Besides Manaira Shopping, he owns Mangeira Shopping mall, which is a known for its high tech facilities. Santiago is appreciated for his contribution towards the city’s economy.


Betsy DeVos: Bio and Philanthropy Work

Betsy DeVos and her spouse Dick DeVos started committing themselves to helping other parents, particularly those who earned low incomes to access quality education for their children. Her husband’s commitment manifested itself when he ran for the State Board of Education in Michigan. Betsy got herself involved by starting a foundation that offered scholarships for humble families so that the parents can have better school choices for their children. However, their philanthropic activities were not sufficient to address the main problem. The effort Betsy and her husband put was only enough to serve a few families, which translated to a huge number of children not having access to quality education.

They, therefore, started supporting schools and offering significant funding to the Education Freedom Fund which offers scholarships to needy children with the aim of helping them attend private schools. Their foundation also provided support for the American Federation for Children (AFC) and also the Foundation for Excellence in Education (FEE). Betsy chairs the AFC alongside former Senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut and a former news anchor Campbell Brown who founded an education news website known as The Seventy Four. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

She and her husband chair the Windquest Group, a company that invests in manufacturing, technology, and clean energy. Dick DeVos was once a president of Amway, a company that was founded by his father. This company deals in direct marketing that served to build the family’s fortune.The philanthropy of the DeVos family goes far back and is very extensive. They have poured millions of dollars into numerous charitable organizations, including legal groups and leadership institutes.

The family has funded election-related efforts for the state of Michigan and the nation. Betsy DeVos has her own philanthropic activities that include co- chairing the DeVos Family Foundation in the couple’s home in Michigan. The foundation has a strong record of support for schools in the state of Michigan.For instance, it supports the West Michigan Aviation Academy, a high school that has an aviation theme. The foundation is located at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan and was established by Dick DeVos in 2010.

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Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is the eleventh United State Secretary of Education. The U.S. Senate confirmed her on February 7, 2017, after she was nominated for the post by President Donald Trump. She has been involved in the education policies for almost thirty years through advocating for children and as a voice for parents. DeVos is passionate about reforms and is quick to help children to access quality education. Her passion for education was triggered by her mother when she was young. The interest grew after she took her kids to school and realized that not all children in America have access to quality education. While in her hometown, Betsy DeVos saw the effort local leaders put with the aim to give better opportunities for all children across the nation and decided to join hands with them.

Rick Shinto’s Leadership at InnovaCare Health

With years of experience in the healthcare sector, Dr. Rick Shinto is an important figure in the industry. His efforts towards providing quality healthcare have seen him bag the prestigious Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year award. Passion for helping others and innovativeness are the main reasons that saw his nomination and ultimate bagging of this award. Dr. Shinto’s medical career began in Southern California where he worked as a pulmonologist.

This was just the beginning of many achievements to come. He has since written numerous medical articles, especially on clinical medicine and healthcare issues. On the academic front, he earned his MBA and a medical degree from the University of Redlands and the State of the University of New York respectively. Dr. Rick Shinto currently serves as the President of InnovaCare Health. InnovaCare Health is the provider of the Medicare Advantage insurance plans and also provides physician practice services.


As Dr. Shinto puts it, teamwork, as well as quality medical care, are the main drivers of InnovaCare towards its goal. InnovaCare Health employs the best professionals to steer it towards growth and success. Being a force of change in the company, InnovaCare has seen a lot of success under Dr. Shinto’s leadership. A lot of positive improvements have been seen since his appointment in 2012. It is no coincidence that they happened shortly after the appointment.

InnovaCare has achieved a lot. It has made doctors’ appointments more affordable to the public. This can be proven by the large numbers of people signed up for its services. InnovaCare has given people a cheaper medical care option without compromising the quality of service through the innovative use of technology. These cheaper options have seen as many 70 percent of people choose InnovaCare over other insurance companies.

Dr. Shinto was CEO at Aveta Inc. before taking the reins at InnovaCare where his efforts saw him get the Ernst and Young Award. Before that, he had worked at Medical Pathways Management Company as the Chief Medical Officer. He also held the same post at NAMM in California.

The experience gathered by Dr. Shinto in these past positions have been key to his success at InnovaCare. He became an invaluable member of the InnovaCare team as soon as he was appointed. He is the Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare’s Health Plans in Puerto Rico. Here, InnovaCare partners with MMM Healthcare Inc. and PMC Medicare Choice Inc. to promote physical and emotional wellbeing. Read more at about Rick Shinto.