Making the List at Number 59 Is the Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers are an American production duo that constitutes of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. Alex Pall was born on 16 May 1985 to a stay-at-home mom and an art dealer. Andrew Taggart was born on 31 December 1989 and raised in Freeport, Maine. He acts as the group songwriter and vocalist. The group was originally founded by Alex Pall and his former partner, Rhett Bixler.

Andrew was introduced to Alex by Alex’s manager after Rhett had left the group. Both Alex and Andrew worked as deejays in nightclubs before they came together to form the Andrew Chainsmokers. Andrew and Alex’s manager met when was interning as he was a student of the University of Maine. They became known to the world after releasing the song #SELFIE. They later released roses; don’t let me down and closer. In the song closer, they collaborated with Hasley gaining them, even more, love from their fans.

The music duo also launched a documentary “The Chainsmokers Memories” compiled by Apple Music. According to Forbes 2018, they are the highest paid DJ’s receiving $45.5million. They are also ranked at number 59 on Forbes’ list of richest celebrities. Due to their world tours, they have fans singing their names and followers on their social media pages. They also signed a three year deal with Wynn Nightlife in LA. When asked to describe their music style Taggart described it as merging indie, dance music, pop music, and hip hop”.

The duo musical influences are Pharrell Wiliams, deadmau5 and Linkin Park. The Chainsmokers have won a couple of awards: 2 American Music awards, 7 Billboard Music awards, 1 Grammy Award, 8 iHeartRadio Music awards among others totaling them to 30 wins and has been nominated 130 times for different awards. during the past few years Chainsmokers have been to a couple of tours, one of the tours was in 2007; ‘the memories do not open tour’ in support of their album memories do not 2018, they wrote and produced the songs; sick boy, everybody hates me, side effects, you owe me and somebody with the help of Tony Ann, Emily Warren, and Shaun Frank.